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2014 College Football Season

NEW MATH: Adding special teams to the equation

Finally, a relatively stable way of measuring special teams within the S&P+ framework.

Who's the college version of Alex Smith?

Which college quarterbacks have been the most likely to throw short on third downs?

Life with a mobile QB

College football quarterbacks who run a lot are more likely to produce big plays (run or pass) but are also going to take more sacks and throw more incomplete passes.

The Pac-12 has massive receiver potential

Thomas Duarte, Samajie Grant, Darren Carrington, and Pharaoh Brown lead a pack of exciting potential breakout receivers from the Pac-12.

Which RBs are efficient AND explosive?

While there is such a thing as an efficiency back or an all-or-nothing guy, in college football the more efficient a back is, the more explosive he likely is, too.

Testing a charting box score

What college football charting data would be most useful in a Charting Box Score series?

QB correlations and charting news

Among college quarterbacks, there is almost no correlation between yards per completion and completion rate. That's a surprise.

Last year's most volatile teams

Which college football teams had the most overall volatility in terms of week-to-week output?

The spread vs. quality

How effective were the college football offenses that spread defenses out the most in 2014?

Finding HUNH offenses by the numbers

With Adjusted Pace and % solo tackles data we can get a pretty good idea of which teams fit the HUNH profile statistically.


Updating the S&P+ ratings pages at Football Outsiders and searching for feedback.

Who spread defenses out in 2014?

A look at the college football offenses that spread defenses out and generated the most solo tackles in college football in 2014. Top 5: Kansas State, Syracuse, Hawaii, USF, Texas Tech.

2014 receiving stats

Most of 2014's best college football receivers will be plying their trade in the NFL next year.

Let's look at 2014 rushing stats

Using advanced stats to gauge which college football running backs and rushing quarterbacks were the most effective in 2014.

Turnovers luck in 2014

A look at who was lucky and unlucky in college football in 2014.

Quarterly performance reports

Using a weekly percentile rating to look at which college football teams improved and regressed the most over the course of the 2014 season.

Study Hall: Ohio State-Oregon

Advanced stats from Ohio State's 42-20 win over Oregon in the 2015 college football championship game.

Study Hall: Bahamas Bowl

Advanced stats from Western Kentucky's 49-48 win over Central Michigan in the 2014 Bahamas Bowl.

Study Hall: Pinstripe Bowl

Advanced stats from Penn State's 31-30 win over Boston College in the 2014 Pinstripe Bowl.

Study Hall: TaxSlayer Bowl

Advanced stats from Tennessee's 45-28 win over Iowa in the 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl.

Study Hall: Sun Bowl

Advanced stats from Arizona State's 36-31 win over Duke in the 2014 Sun Bowl.

Study Hall: Independence Bowl

Advanced stats from South Carolina's 24-21 win over Miami in the 2014 Independence Bowl.

Study Hall: Music City Bowl

Advanced stats from Notre Dame's 31-28 win over LSU in the 2014 Music City Bowl.

Study Hall: Texas Bowl

Advanced stats from Arkansas' 31-7 Texas Bowl win over Texas.

Study Hall: Holiday Bowl

Advanced stats from USC's 45-42 win over Nebraska in the 2014 Holiday Bowl.

Study Hall: Alamo Bowl

Advanced stats from UCLA's 40-35 win over Kansas State in the 2015 Alamo Bowl.

Study Hall: Russell Athletic Bowl

Advanced stats from Clemson's 40-6 win over Oklahoma in the 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl Study Hall

Advanced stats from Boise State's 38-30 win over Arizona in last week's Fiesta Bowl.

Study Hall: Belk Bowl

Advanced stats from Georgia's 37-14 win over Louisville in the 2014 Belk Bowl.

Study Hall: Cotton Bowl

Advanced stats from Michigan State's 42-41 win over Baylor in the 2015 Cotton Bowl.

Study Hall: Orange Bowl

Advanced stats from Georgia Tech's 49-34 win over Mississippi State in the 2014 Orange Bowl.

Study Hall: Peach Bowl

Advanced stats from TCU's 42-3 win over Ole Miss in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl.