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Why the flex TE is the next big thing in the spread offense

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Championship Week Five Factors box scores

It appears East Carolina isn’t very good.

Matt Wells’ 3-step process for elevating Texas Tech

Matt Wells found a really nice balance between an explosive spread offense and a spread-busting defensive style in 2018 at Utah State. Now he’s aiming to apply that formula at Texas Tech.

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Week 13 Five Factors box scores

Most of the top teams rolled once more during Rivalry Week.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Is Icing the Kicker Really a Thing?

The Numerical

Harbaugh vs Meyer: Round IV

For the first time in this iteration of the rivalry, Michigan has the more complete team and the advantages heading into the "the game."

Bill Connelly's 130-team preview, 2018

Week 12 Five Factors box scores

In which Arizona State nearly paints a turnovers luck masterpiece.

Trying to run on the tite front

The emergence of the tite front with 4i-technique DEs across the college football world has led to the emergence of strategies for dealing with the troublesome scheme.

Big plays are the 3-pointers of football

The only way to prevent them is by preventing ANY kind of successful play.

Week 10 Five Factors box scores

FSU and Notre Dame each generated six scoring opportunities on Saturday. And the Irish won by 29.

Why the sad history of blue chip QB rankings is changing

The proliferation of spread offensive tactics to the major programs has coincided with rapidly improving hit rates for the service rankings’ top rated QBs.

Spread-iso ball in 2018’s Big 12

A glance at how Big 12 offenses are using spread spacing to create isolations for their WRs and easy reads for their QBs.

Week 10 Five Factors box scores

No mercy from Clemson against Louisville.

How has S&P+ performed, team by team?

Which teams does S&P+ have a particularly strong read on? Particularly weak?

Week 9 Five Factors box scores

OU was downright mean to Kansas State.

Morning Tailgate

The spread offense in short-yardage

How do spread passing teams handle short-yardage?

Week 6 Five Factors box scores

Sometimes an upset is a statistical fluke, with odd bounces and whatnot. Purdue straight up beat Ohio State.

How Iowa State obliterated West Virginia

With a more advanced style of defense, physical offense, and "pump fake" Purdy, Iowa State gave West Virginia a historic beating that illustrates the evolution of the college game.

Week 6 Five Factors box scores

Michigan State recovered every fumble and benefited from dropped INTs against Penn State. That, and more from week 7.

Return of the tailback

The days of having playing two running backs at the same time seemed to be over, but in today’s evolving game the multi-use tailback may make a comeback.

College football statistical profiles

Every advanced stat you need to track, now in a new format

Week 6 Five Factors box scores

Michigan State toyed with CMU, Baylor and WVU each got a little lucky, and look at you, Georgia Southern!

Spread-iso ball is thriving in Houston

The Cougars are running Kendall Briles "veer and shoot" offense at a high level and illustrating the future of spread football down in Houston.

Week 5 Five Factors box scores

Michigan State toyed with CMU, Baylor and WVU each got a little lucky, and look at you, Georgia Southern!

The Air Raid baptism

Oklahoma State’s new DC Jim Knowles had to endure his first painful lesson on the horrors of defending a high level Air Raid offense.

Week 4 Five Factors box scores

Clemson destroyed Georgia Tech while suffering some of the worst fumbles luck of the year. Guh.

QB draw: The rulebreaker

Johnny Manziel popularized a play that is becoming a devastating counter to anti-spread defenses.

Week 3 college football Five Factors box scores

Auburn’s postgame win probability was 83% in the loss to LSU. Ouch. Also: North Texas was both better and luckier than Arkansas.

45 reasons to care about college football stats

No matter your relationship to college football, the future of analytics will make at least one of the items listed below better for you.

Five Factors

The rise of the Aztec empire

More teams are copying the San Diego State strategy of using a rangy hybrid in the middle of the field and offenses aren’t sure what to do about him.

Week 2 college football Five Factors box scores

FSU was screwed by turnovers in Week 1 and saved by them in Week 2.