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2013 College Football Season

Who spreads defenses out the most?

The spread ethos is to put playmakers in space and given them room to make plays. Who does that the most effectively?

Winning the trenches

Which college football teams were the best in the trenches?

2013 defensive line stats

Run defense and pass rush rankings for college football defenses in 2013.

2013 offensive line stats

Run-blocking and pass-protection stats for the 2013 college football season.

Penalties and defensive performance

Is there any relationship between penalties and defensive performance at the college level of football?

2013 targets and catches

Standard and advanced receiving stats from the 2013 college football season.

2013 FBS rushing stats

Advanced and traditional stats from the 2013 college football season.

Pts Per Possession in BCS bowls

A look at what we can learn from per-possession scoring averages in college football's BCS bowls.

2013's most popular play

Last season saw the proliferation of a jet sweep concept across what felt like all of college football. By mid-October almost any game on ESPN would probably feature the jet sweep/inside zone combination.

Turnover luck in 2013

Sometimes the ball does lie.

Risk acceptance & the BCS title game

Examples of decision making and risk acceptance from Florida State's BCS title game win over Auburn.

How FSU's team effort brought down the SEC

Florida State's title-game win over Auburn was a true effort, with defense and special teams buying time for an offense that eventually came through.

Decision making inside the 5

While there is always some degree of risk and uncertainty in play calling regardless of field position, play calling near either end zone is particularly interesting because of the magnified risk and reward for the offense and defense.

Bottling up Jordan Lynch

Jordan Lynch was undoubtedly one of the most productive quarterbacks in NCAA history, but was denied becoming the NCAA’s first single season 2,000 yard rusher and 2,000 yard passer on Boxing Day’s Poinsettia Bowl.

Ranking the conferences

Using the F/+ rankings to figure out the best method for comparing conferences. Did the Pac-12 overtake the SEC, at least briefly, this year?

Offensive drive efficiency and the BCS

Looking at BCS teams' per-drive offensive numbers to determine the quality of a given BCS bowl.

F/+ bowl picks

Football Outsiders picks and projections for the 2013-14 college football bowl season.

The F/+ guide to bowl season

A look at the 2013-14 college football bowl season through the lens of the F/+ rankings.

Unsung Heroes of 2013: Greg Robinson

Auburn's left tackle dominated the opposition in a fashion not typically expected from left tackles.

Drive efficiency & the BCS

A look at which BCS bowl defenses get off of the field the fastest (and most effectively).

Study Hall: MWC Championship

Advanced stats from the 2013 Mountain West Championship, a 24-17 Fresno State win over Utah State.

Study Hall: B1G Championship

Advanced stats from the Big Ten Championship, a 34-24 Michigan State win over Ohio State.

Study Hall: Pac-12 Championship

Advanced stats from the 2013 Pac-12 Championship, a 38-14 Stanford win over Arizona State.

Study Hall: FSU-Duke

Advanced stats from the 2013 ACC Championship, a 45-7 Florida State win over Duke.

Study Hall: Baylor-Texas

Advanced stats from Baylor's 30-10 win over Texas on Saturday.

Study Hall: CUSA Championship

Advanced stats from the 2013 Conference USA Championship, a 41-24 Rice win over Marshall.

Study Hall: OU-OSU

Advanced stats from Oklahoma's 33-24 upset of Oklahoma State in Stillwater on Saturday.

Study Hall: MAC Championship

Advanced stats from the 2013 MAC Championship game, a 47-27 Bowling Green win over Northern Illinois.

Study Hall: Louisville-Cincy

Advanced stats from Louisville's 31-24 win at Cincinnati last Thursday night.

This stream has:

Week 15 advanced box scores

Advanced stats from Week 15 of the 2013 college football season.

Unsung heroes of 2013: Devin Gardner

The gutsy leader of an embattled and ultimately unsuccessful football team.

Stacking receivers

Discussing the merits of running stacked-receiver formations.