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Five Factors

NEW MATH: Adding special teams to the equation

Finally, a relatively stable way of measuring special teams within the S&P+ framework.

Using the Five Factors as predictors

Using college football's Five Factors as means for college football predictions.

Turnovers luck in 2014

A look at who was lucky and unlucky in college football in 2014.

Checking in on the five factors

Using the Five Factors concept described in the offseason, I am working toward a rebooted system of college football rankings.

Not every INC is created equal

Are certain types of passes more likely to be intercepted than others in college football?

Kicks and kick returns in 2013

A look at the distribution of college football kickoffs and returns, along with team efficiency ratings for both.

The art of finishing drives

College football boils down to creating scoring opportunities and converting them. What components most clearly impact the art of finishing drives?

Five Factors: A reset

Back in January and February, before I got myself waylaid by other projects, I introduced the idea of the Five Factors for college football.

What derives Field Position?

What are the components that go into determining a team's field position in college football?

Stripping efficiency from explosiveness

Efficiency and explosiveness are both incredibly important and strongly related. How should we go about measuring one without bringing in the other?

College football's 5 most important stats

Explosiveness, efficiency, field position, finishing drives, and turnovers are the five factors most directly correlated to winning football games. Check out the numbers.

Turnover luck in 2013

Sometimes the ball does lie.