Derrick Thomas and "The Hurricane Bowl"

To commemorate Alabama's legendary linebacker Derrick Thomas being snubbed once again by the College Football Hall of Fame, lets travel back to 1988 and remember the time No. 55 did everything but eat the Texas A&M quarterback alive on the grass of Kyle Field.

The Crimson Tide and the Aggies had been scheduled to meet early in the season but the game was called off due to the threat of Hurricane Gilbert. The contest was rescheduled to Dec. 1 and Texas A&M was feeling feisty after Alabama had fallen to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. What they got was a pissed off Derrick Thomas ready to dish out some pain.

Thomas was already having an amazing year but his performance in College Station put him into the category safely described as "otherworldly." He racked up five sacks and recovered a fumble but the numbers simply don't do justice to how he completely dominated the Aggie offense. Alabama won 30-10 but it was almost besides the point.

The 1988 season saw Thomas set an NCAA record for sacks in a single season: 27. That total was tied by Arizona's Teddy Bruschi in 1993. Bruschi was announced as a College Football Hall of Fame inductee today while Thomas was passed over yet again.

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