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Georgia is the second-best 4-loss team in the country, and other vital observations

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A useful tool for remaining optimistic no matter how bad this season is going.

Dennis Franchione: the head coach of the 23rd-best four-loss team in the country!
Dennis Franchione: the head coach of the 23rd-best four-loss team in the country!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

For many college football fans, the season is already over. Maybe you bristle every time someone mentions your weekend plans. Maybe you make a game of guessing how many points Vegas declares you an underdog this week.

Fear no more: There is cause for optimism. Let's say you're a Georgia fan. Sure, you're upset that you've lost three out of the last four conference games, but hold your head high when you tell your brother-in-law at Thanksgiving that Georgia is the second-best 4 loss team in these United States!

What if things have really soured, though? You're clad in cardinal and gold, sitting by the fire in Ames, Iowa. Sure, basketball season is upon us -- but ESPN keeps on showing college football highlights and your team is nowhere to be found. Don't despair. Head over to your favorite message board and announce that the Cyclones are the best damn 9 loss team in the country!

That's what this time of year is all about for some of us. Desperately finding ways to spin a painful season into a positive. Sure, there's always next year -- but don't give up on this year just yet.

Here's a guide to the best teams by number of losses, according to F/+ rankings. Oh, and if you're a Texas State fan and you decide to brag about being the 23rd-best four-loss team in the country, just don't mention that there are only 23 of those teams. It'll be our secret. (Or you could just say "Scoreboard!" to all of those teams with more losses than you.)