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What We Can Do With the Tools at Our Disposal

A.J. Brown is terrifying, and other things advanced stats can tell us

Stats and eyeballs agree: Brown is maybe the best returning receiver in the country.

The 2018 advanced college football stats glossary

Here is a glossary for the terms used in the 2018 college football season previews at SB Nation.

2017 college football statistical profiles

Advanced stats for all 130 FBS teams.

NEW MATH: Adding special teams to the equation

Finally, a relatively stable way of measuring special teams within the S&P+ framework.

Who overachieves and underachieves?

A look at college football coaches consistently produce teams that overachieve (Ken Niumatalolo, Pat Fitzgerald) or underachieve (Kevin Wilson, Steve Addazio).

Stat profiles have been updated

College football statistical profiles for all 128 FBS teams.

Last year's most volatile teams

Which college football teams had the most overall volatility in terms of week-to-week output?

BREAKING: Turner Gill > Nick Saban

No, Turner Gill is not a better coach than Nick Saban. Saban has four national titles, and Gill saw his coaching star go dim at Kansas, of all places. But in one measure, maybe he is: how his teams perform after a timeout.

Using the Five Factors as predictors

Using college football's Five Factors as means for college football predictions.

The spread vs. quality

How effective were the college football offenses that spread defenses out the most in 2014?

Finding HUNH offenses by the numbers

With Adjusted Pace and % solo tackles data we can get a pretty good idea of which teams fit the HUNH profile statistically.

2015 Advanced Stats Glossary

Here is a glossary for the terms used in the 2015 college football season previews at SB Nation.

Who's won more/fewer games than expected in 2014?

Which teams have been particularly fortunate (Florida State, Arizona, Bowling Green) or unfortunate (Pitt, Indiana) this season? Let's use second-order wins to explore.

F/+ conference comparisons

Ever wondered how the 2005 Big Ten would stack up against the 2013 SEC? Now you can find out.

The F/+ guide to bowl season

A look at the 2013-14 college football bowl season through the lens of the F/+ rankings.

Desperately searching for optimism?

A useful tool for remaining optimistic about your college football team no matter how bad this season is going.

Fun with F/+: 4-year rankings

It's still early in the 2013 season, but let's take a look at a spin on multi-year program rankings.

Conference ups and downs

A look at "up years" and "down years" for FBS conferences.

This stream has:

Week 4 advanced box scores

Advanced box scores from Week 4 of the college football season.

This stream has:

Week 3 advanced box scores

Advanced stats from Week 3 of the 2013 college football season.

Traditional offensive stats vs. advanced

Comparing Off. F/+ to total offense.

Advanced vs. Traditional Stats: Defense

Comparing F/+ against the old stalwart, total defense.

Drastic single-season changes

This is the time of the year when message board subscribers have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Introducing similarity rankings

Attempting to find, and exploit, a team's "DNA."

Wrapping up the F/+ conference tour

It's Bama's world.

F/+ vs. the ACC

A look at what the F/+ rankings can tell us about the ACC.

F/+ in the Big 12

The average Big 12 offense is every bit as good as the gold standard set in the SEC. It's really on the defensive side of the ball that the SEC sets itself apart from the Big 12 -- and the rest of college football.

F/+ vs. the Pac-12

Let's continue our tour of every major conference's F/+ ratings.

Third-and-percentages (part two)

What can pass percentages tell us about third down succes rates?

Drastic changes from year to year

How much of a turnaround can a team manage?


An in-depth look at third downs and what they can tell us about the game of college football.

VARSITY NUMBERS: Let's Rate Some Receivers!

Not that we need math to tell us Marqise Lee is amazing...