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2013 Charting Project

Simple vs. Complex, part 3

What's better when it comes to college football offenses: simple or complex?

Simple vs. complex, part 2

Moving from visualizing offensive complexity in college football to quantifying it.

Simple vs. complex, part 1

What's better in college football, a simple well-executed playbook or a complex strategy that confuses defenses?

Not every INC is created equal

Are certain types of passes more likely to be intercepted than others in college football?

Kicks and kick returns in 2013

A look at the distribution of college football kickoffs and returns, along with team efficiency ratings for both.

College football (charted) in 2013

What did college football look like in 2013?

2013 college football charting data

Charting data for 202 games from the 2013 college football season.

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How many games can we chart in 2013?