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Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories is now for sale

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Tell your friends. Read more about it here, and buy it here.

UPDATE: It's now available at Amazon, too.

UPDATE: It's also now available as a PDF for e-readers at Football Outsiders.

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"One of the coolest things about the evolving media world has been the emergence of sharp, ingenious people such as Bill Connelly providing a fresh perspective on sports. Bill's work on college football is inspiring and Study Hall is superb because it will make any diehard football fan stop and think. And keep reading and reading." Bruce Feldman, CBS Sports

It is my pleasure to announce that my first book, Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories, is now for sale at and Later in August, it will be available as an eBook through Amazon as well.

Study Hall is an accessible, enjoyable look at the world of college football through the eyes of coaches, writers, and numbers geeks.

The first of its kind, really, this book explores college football's current events, numbers, and tactics from a number of perspectives. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the analytical side of the game and its real-life application. So many of us love this ridiculous sport; it is at once conservative and innovative, based in tradition and full of untapped potential. Study Hall gives us ways to love it even more.

"Bill Connelly has added a much-needed new dimension to the discussion of college football with his work in advanced statistics. His book has plenty of numbers, but it's also a heartfelt window into the exhilarating highs and maddening lows of the diehard fan's experience." Stewart Mandel, Sports Illustrated

The 13 chapters in Study Hall cover wide territory:

  • Current events that both make the game so widely loved and threaten its livelihood (“It’s Personal” and “An Ungovernable Mess”).
  • How coaches and fans both use stats and should use stats (“The Case for Computers,” “You, Me, and Stats,” “Coaches vs. Stats,” “The New Box Score,” and “Advanced Stats 101”).
  • Game charting data and its potential uses (“College Football’s Curveball” and “QBs and the Passes They Throw”).
  • The personalities, innovations, and tactics that make this game so uniquely interesting (“We Meet Again, Mr. Wizard,” “Sometimes Clichés Are Clichés for a Reason,” “The ‘Spread Offense’ Meme Dies,” and “Beating, And Becoming, Goliath”).

It combines pieces written for SB Nation (and amended or expanded), interviews, and a wealth of original writing. It also features a foreword from SBN's Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk.

The goal of both Study Hall and my work as a whole is to find sane conversations in an insane sport and to embrace the heart of college football while incorporating as much rational, analytical thought as possible. Study Hall has both numbers and soul. I really hope you enjoy it.