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Bill Connelly

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NFL Offseason Guide 2019

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The evolutionary history of the Option

Football’s option tactic is part of almost every offense in football, with most of its innovations coming at the college level. Here’s how the option went from rugby to the classic triple to RPOs, with some other reads along the way too.

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At Miami, history is right there on the sidelines (and it’s yelling at you)

At other football programs, alumni come back. At Miami, they never leave.

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Joe Moorhead explains the 5 tenets of the SEC West’s most dangerous offense

Joe Moorhead’s offensive system is all the proof you need that he can thrive in Starkville and take on college football’s most fearsome division.

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The 10 greatest HBCU dynasties, now including North Carolina A&T

Let’s not try to figure out which teams would’ve beaten each other across eras. Instead, let’s try to compare accomplishments.

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How Mike Gundy brought ‘basketball on grass’ to Oklahoma State football

Gundy’s time on the hardwood influenced his offense and led him to question everything.

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How Mike Gundy came home and built Oklahoma State football

(with a little help from T. Boone Pickens)

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Why the Ivy League might finally be ready to compete in the playoffs

The conference is fun, rapidly improving, and full of coaches raring to test themselves nationally. Let’s talk to each head coach.

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What a new approach to evaluating receivers and tight ends says about the 2018 NFL Draft class

Which pass catchers might surprise you and who will disappoint?

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The oral history of Boise State

How Boise State became one of college football’s most consistently strong football programs.

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A 9-point plan to upgrade college football forever

We need someone we can trust to watch over all of college football. That might as well be me.

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How To Bayern

You may beat Bayern Munich today, but you never beat them tomorrow. They are the surest thing in sports.

My favorite things that I wrote in 2018

Self-share time once again!

My favorite things that I wrote in 2017

Self-share time!

My favorite pieces from 2016

Bill Connelly’s 50 Best* College Football Teams of All Time will be released on March 7.

My favorite pieces from 2015

All I can really hope is that I look back at each passing year and think, "This was my best writing year yet." Well ... this was my best writing year yet.