2014 Game Summaries

This week's post will feature another Tableau Viz. This time it will provide statistics for each game played through the first four weeks of the 2014 season. It will feature the same stats as last week's post that examined each league's performance in non-conference play. (Just an FYI, the statistics from last week's post have been updated to include statistics through week four.) The Big Ten's ten-win weekend forced me to update last week's Viz. The SEC and Pac-12 remain comfortably ahead of the other three power conferences. Those two leagues have a combined record of 47-7 in non-conference games.

This Viz allows users to filter results based on the following variables:

  • The offense, its conference affiliation, and whether or not the offense played at home or on the road
  • The defense, its conference affiliation, and whether or not the defense played at home or on the road
The thing to remember about the location filters (Off. H/A and Def. H/A) is that it does not specify if a team played in a neutral environment. For example, Alabama is listed as the home against West Virginia in week one despite having played on a neutral field at the Georgia Dome.

The numbers beneath the x-axis indicate the week in which each game was played.

CFB Stats is the data source for FBS Drive Stats. Direct access to files can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

  • Annual Drive Charts
    • Lists all drives and possessions for each game played since 2005.
  • Categorized Rankings
    • Ranks each FBS team based on how they performed in many of the statistics shown in this post.
  • Conference Drive Stats
    • Compares how teams perform in conference games.
  • Field Position Stats
    • Ranks each FBS team based on how teams performed when starting in opponent territory and on their own side of the field.
  • Game Summaries
    • Documents each game played between two FBS teams in a given season.
  • Team Drive Charts
    • Contains each statistically drive played by a team since 2005. Each file also contains interactive pivot charts for further analysis.

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