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Bill Connelly

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The single biggest key to being a coordinator in football

Two head coaches explain why teaching matters so much more than Xs and Os.

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No running back in the NFL Draft is a sure thing, not even Saquon Barkley

A closer look at a player’s college efficiency says a lot about their ceiling in the pros. But it may not matter how explosive they are, which could be a problem for teams drafting a RB early.

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Presenting better individual stats for college football players

This is how numbers can tell us more about what a player does well.

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A new, improved CFB strength of schedule measurement

And how to have a useful conversation about SOS in general.

Great Sports City: Oklahoma City

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Great tennis rivalries are back for an encore

Rivalry makes tennis great, and tennis' greatest rivalries — Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams — have charged back into the forefront in Australia.

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The top 100 college football games of 2016

From wild shootouts to basically every Pitt or Notre Dame game to an amazing New Year's, here's our final love letter to the season.

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Eagle-Aggie or Aggie-Eagle: The battle for MEAC supremacy

Live from the temporary capital of the HBCU football universe.

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How PVAMU emerged from the worst streak ever

PVAMU is mostly known for the longest losing streak ever. But the Panthers also serve as an example for how to move forward.

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Savannah State and the ultimate rebuild

Former Wabash head coach Erik Raeburn looks for hope while taking on a massive rebuilding effort at Savannah State. A decade and a half after a misguided, mistimed jump to Division I, SSU is still trying to put the pieces together for success.

2015 college football stat profiles

Stats and projections for all 128 FBS college football teams.


A college football podcast with Bill Connelly and Steven Godfrey.

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That time FAMU nearly made it in FBS

Billy Joe turned Florida A&M into an FCS powerhouse and had visions of something bigger.

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The numbers behind Leicester's title

It's not just their long odds at the bookies that are stunning.

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Stop trading up for the 2016 draft's QBs

Trading up to No. 1, No. 2 or No. 10 doesn't turn a decent NFL prospect into an excellent one.

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Doug Williams celebrates HBCU football

A brief history of historically black college football, with one of the most noteworthy figures in the sport's history.

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Los Angeles, the college football town

USC vs. UCLA and the battle to star in the country's second biggest city.

Featured Fanshot

I did a Reddit AMA

Pretty fun. Lots of LSU, lots of Bundesliga, some Frozen bashing ... good times.

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7 coaches explain what goes into game week

SB Nation talked to coaches from the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC and American about what goes into what they do.

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The best college football preview anywhere

We've ranked and profiled every FBS team, predicted every bowl game, and collected a whole bunch of fun stuff for you.

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The best SEC previews anywhere

Bill Connelly's 128-team countdown concludes with the SEC, with one school per day and a POWER RANKINGS capper to top it all off.

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The case for Klinsmann

USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann is a change agent who isn't afraid to make changes and alienate people. That is both his best and worst quality.

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The Greatest, #1: Ben Askren

A two-time national champion and two-time Dan Hodge Award winner, Ben Askren built a legacy for Mizzou wrestling that the team has attempted to further in the years since he left. He is Mizzou's Greatest.

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The great Pac-12 countdown

Bill Connelly's famed 128-team countdown hits its second-to-last conference. Follow along each weekday!

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Passing Roger and catching Serena

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal took men's tennis to a different level, and Novak Djokovic figured out how to surpass them both. But why can't anyone catch Serena Williams?

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Even Father Time appreciates aesthetics

We've been talking about Roger Federer's imminent decline for half a decade now. And there he is, the No. 2 player in the world, prepping for yet another Wimbledon semifinal.

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The Big 12 preview countdown

Bill Connelly's 128-team countdown hits the Big 12, with a new team each weekday.

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Is Sam Hinkie a mad genius or just mad?

A discussion about the merits of the Philadelphia 76ers' ongoing rebuilding strategy, which seems to never end.

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The big ACC countdown

Bill Connelly's 128-team countdown hits the ACC, with a new team each weekday. Follow along!

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The Big Ten countdown

The 128-team countdown by Bill Connelly is breaking down the conference of the defending national champions, one team at a time. Follow along!

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POWER RANKINGS, conference by conference

As Bill Connelly's 128-team preview countdown makes its way around the country, each conference's 2015 POWER RANKINGS will also be added here. Follow along!

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The big AAC countdown

The fifth conference in Bill Connelly's 128-team megapreview countdown! Check back every weekday for more.