Brushing off the cobwebs!

Can't believe its been 3 years now since Ian departed for money-greener pastures. I enjoyed his stuff... both professional and insightful; the man knows his sports. Which is why he's still alive and kicking all kinds of balls in the commercial market. I dropped him an e-mail a while back and he was kind enough to return message me and invite me to sign up/ view his current gig. You can google Ian Boyd for directions.

But I digress. I had just signed on here when he left, and never got to post on this board. You'd think SBN would have taken it down, with zero traffic over all this time, but I guess the couple of staff that are still left have other things to do. Since all the discussion posts that were here have long ago expired their window for comments, the only way to still post anything is via this route of FanPost. I doubt anyone else will ever even notice this, but I still get phantom credit for finally posting here (probably the last to ever do so).

No topic, no meaningful discussion of any sports... just a whim. Toodles!

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