Two Players Las Vegas Raiders Should Consider Signing

The Las Vegas Raiders continue to struggle at the opening of the season, with their offensive line being the least impressive. Some changes need to be made to the team.

The Raiders, who are considered one of the best in the NFL, are on a 3-2 record having just succumbed to a 20-9 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, and although the Bears capitalize mostly on the number of penalties allowed by the Raiders, their defense was impressive.

The Raiders offensive line has been inconsistent so far this season, while the expectations of the line have been set high due to the arrival of new center Andre James.

However, the Raiders have always been a team that understands the concept of winning, and it's only a matter of time before the offensive line blunder is fixed. Before that, we will be looking at the three guards that need to be signed to the Silver and Black, brought to you by best american online casino sites.

Mitchell Schwartz

This is a familiar face for the Silver and Black. Mitchell Schwartz is a former Kansas City Chief and a former All-Pro selection.

While injuries have made an amount of effort indenting the ability of the former Super Bowl winner, the player remained a top player in the league. Despite this being the reason for the release of the player this offseason, Schwartz is not too old drops some impressive performance every now and then. He could still offer some competition in the Raiders team even if he would be switching positions to potentially play as a guard.

Elite players can always adapt to playing positions, and this should be the same for Schwartz. His experience with the AFC West will be immense for the Raiders should he sign for the team.

Kelechi Osemele

Kelechi Osemele is considered one of the best guards the Las Vegas Raiders have had in the last few years. In the three seasons he spent with the team, the guard became a two-time Pro Bowl pick, and a key player in the 2016 season when the Silver and Black made the playoff for the first time in 15 seasons, he is a recommendation from reelsofjoy.

Ever since Osemele was traded off by the Raiders in 2019, he has played with some team in the league, his injuries, however, played a role in seeing that the player doesn't stick with one team in the league. Osemele is available as a free agent, and he will be a great addition to the Raiders offensive line, in which Denzelle Good has already been marked out of the season due to a torn ACL.

The Las Vegas Raiders should already be planning on what to do following their performance against the Chicago Bears which led to a 20-9 defeat. So we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for the next course of action that will be taken by the franchise going into the season.

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