Las Vegas Raiders Fell To Chicago Bears Due To Costly Penalties

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr didn't let the media overanalyze the reason as to why the Raiders were defeated by the Chicago Bears in a 20-9 loss.

Speaking to the media, he said via kingjohnnie online casino: "I just don't think we played good enough. If we just sit back and look at it, we just haven't played at the standard that we expect. Not even close"

The good side of the loss is that the Raiders didn't perform poorly all around, as their defense was able to hold rookie quarterback Justin Fields to 111 passing yards and the team to only under 50 percent on third-down conversions. Yannick Ngakoue was able to claim his first two sacks of the season.

Following the end of the game, Ngakoue said to the media: "We did our thing on a lot of three-and-outs. As a defensive player, I'm proud of everybody – all of the guys who stepped up. We just got to keep working."

The Raiders head coach Jon Gruden also spoke on the collective performance of the defense, which was able to restrict the Bears to just two touchdowns in the game.

"I think they played hard. They did some really good things," Gruden said via . "We struggled in the first half; we couldn't get the ball. I think we only had 25 snaps of offense in the first half. We played better in the second half. We made some mistakes early in the football game defensively, but we still are looking for a turnover. We've got to get some field position established.

"They're playing hard, we're doing some good things and there are some individual efforts that are just outstanding, but it wasn't enough today. You've got to win in all three phases and we didn't do that today."

Their biggest flaw in the game against the Bears was self-inflicted as they allowed 10 penalties, backing themselves up 82 total yards. The holding penalties cost the Las Vegas team points on a touchdown run that was made by Josh Jacobs in the first quarter. The passer penalties also dealt a blow to them as well.

"The penalties, they've got to stop," Gruden added. "We had some on defense that allowed them to continue drives as well but it all falls back on me."

Despite the defeat, Ngakoue was not discouraged and as team captain, he understands that there's still much football left to play.

"It's a long season. There's a lot of games left, a lot of opportunities to continue to stack wins," added Ngakoue. "I wouldn't be discouraged at all. This is a very long season and we have a special and talented team in all three phases of the ball.

"We just have to bring it together."

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