An Open Letter to UCF

Hello UCF fans. I'm J.D., a Bama fan who would like to say something about your controversial title claim. I have read things essentially saying that since Bama claims some (or at least one) dubious championship(s), it's o.k. for UCF to claim this year's title. This idea is wrong. I want to point out two things immediately:

1. The number one rule of claiming titles is that self made ones are illegitimate inherently.

2. Bama does not claim any self made titles.

If the only standard is, "Do we want to claim a title?", and many schools follow this standard, the number of claimants and champions per year balloons to ridiculous levels. What if the loser of the CFP title game decides that they actually had the best season? How about Clemson, they had a great run right? Maybe Penn State? This standard sets the stage for numerous "champions" per year. The goal of the college football playoff is the same as the goal of most other sports: to create one true champion. The idea of one true champion is accepted by the vast majority of people in pretty much every other sport, and there is no good reason to think that college football should be different. As the self made title standard causes the potential for many "champions" per year, it is antithetical to the good and accepted idea of crowning one true champion. (As a side note, I recognize the potential for confusion that the continued existence of the AP and coaches' polls engenders. I believe the playoff format is the best selection method for determining a champion and that the human polls either ought to not have a post season poll, or make a rule that the CFP champion is the automatic number one.) The fact is, we have a system made for the purpose of creating one true champion, this is what we generally find desirable in other sports, there is no good reason that we shouldn't have O.T.C. in college football, and the most natural and sensible thing to do is accept the champion that the playoff gives us, lest we wallow in the incompleteness and doubt of many seasons with a half dozen or more "champions".

Moving on, I agree that Bama claims too many championships. I'm not writing to debate the correct number. Bama has more than most or all of the rest of college football regardless. Importantly, all of the titles that Alabama officially claims were awarded by an independent entity. None were self created. At least Alabama has made the bare minimum effort to make reasonable title claims by not creating any out of nothing. So UCF is actually setting the standard lower than Bama ever did. Bama does not claim two years in which we went undefeated- 1945 and 1966. Clearly the idea that the university claims just any old year that went really well is unfounded.

So, in conclusion, set your standard higher UCF. It's the only reasonable thing to do.

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