Five Factors - more friendly embedding

This is a test of the embedded Five Factors spreadsheet, when cleaned up and put into Onedrive. If it doesn't show up below, it is because I am still testing it out for Bill. Don't yell at me. At least not for that.

Apparently, there is a word count that I have to hit in order to publish this, or even preview it. So I apologize to Bill C., as I will blatantly steal a paragraph of his to make this work.

Here are your Five Factors numbers for Week 2. (I’m still working on proper embedding and whatnot, so if the below table doesn’t look right — top row not frozen, etc.)

And as much as I would like to freeze the team names to the left, it would mean we would have to move the Date line, and it would probably involve us using an abbreviation for each team in order to steal more room for less scrolling.

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