Studying Personnel Packages

I went ahead and looked at various personnel packages and just how affective they are. I studied a good amount of tape from the 2015-16 season from the university I play at. I studied 8 different packages including, 00, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22 (the first number denotes how many backs are on the field and the second numbers denotes how many tight ends).

I measured how affective each personnel package was by a point system which accounts for yards gained or lost, first downs, explosive plays, turnovers, touchdowns and so on. From there, I produced a percentage to display the results more understandably.

My findings were pretty simply.

10- was the most affective personnel examined. It resulted in a positive play 85% of the time. 21% of those plays ended explosively (a play gaining more than 10 yards rushing or 17 yards passing).

11- was the personnel that was run the most. It is the most common personnel in football. It was affective 21% of the time and 7% of those plays were explosive.

12- was affective 16% of the time. However, there were 16% more negative plays than explosive plays.

13- worked 47% of the time with no explosive plays.

20- was only affective a sorry 7% of the time. Also 12% of 20 personnel plays ended in a loss of yards or a turnover.

21- was affective 25% of the time.

22- showed similar results as 13 personnel because it is another jumbo set. This worked 54% of the time with no explosive plays.

00- The sample size was too small to accurately examine 00 personnel.

*When Y-off occurred (the TE lined up off the line of scrimmage) formations tended to have more success. This is the case because it adds a new element to the offense. This makes fitting the run very difficult for defenses because gap schemes can switch many times throughout the course of a single play. Y-off occurred in 52% of plays examined.

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