CFP Illogical Football Rankings and ESPN Bias

1. Ohio State is Ranked Higher Than Iowa

Iowa has played a tougher schedule than Ohio State: Iowa is 2-0 versus the current CFP Top 25; Ohio State has yet to play a ranked team.

2. Stanford is Ranked Higher Than Northwestern

Northwestern beat Stanford. Northwestern's only losses are to CFP #5 Iowa and CFP #12 Michigan. In addition to their loss to Northwestern, Stanford has a loss to CFP #23 Oregon.

3. Baylor is Ranked Higher Than Houston

Baylor's best win is against 5-4 West Virginia, and they have a loss to Oklahoma. Houston beat CFP #21 Memphis and they have zero losses.

4. Florida State is Ranked Higher Than Navy

Florida State's most impressive win is over 6-4 Miami (FL) and they lost to 3-7 Georgia Tech. Navy beat CFP #21 Memphis and their only loss is to CFP #4 Notre Dame.

5. Alabama is Ranked #2

Yes, the Crimson Tide have played the most difficult schedule among the contenders largely by beating a bunch of 6-4 and 7-3 teams sandwiched between opponents name Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern. However, their best win was at home against CFP #15 LSU and they have a home-loss to CFP #22 Ole Miss. Iowa is undefeated and has road wins versus under-ranked CFP #20 Northwestern and CFP #25 Wisconsin. Interchange the two names of the schools and you can be sure that the rankings would remain the same.

While revealing the latest CFP Top 25 college football teams yesterday, ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit and David Pollack continued to promote the idea that all true college football fans wear crimson-colored glasses that are blind to home losses to Ole Miss and fourth-quarter comebacks against unranked Tennessee.

Herbstreit scolded those who do not believe that Alabama should be ranked in the top four by condescendingly telling such ignorant people to "watch the games." I personally spent about sixteen hours watching major college football games last week including match-ups of schools outside of the SEC. Time does not erase losses; just ask 2011 Oklahoma State.

In 2011, Alabama played a significantly softer schedule than Oklahoma State. They both had one loss: the Tide lost at home to the obvious #1 team (LSU) and the Cowboys were defeated on the road in triple overtime by 6-loss Iowa State. Despite the fact that the computers overwhelming favored OK State over Alabama, the humans vetoed the machines with the "eye test." Fast-forward four years later and the roles are reversed. OK State has played the considerably weaker schedule but is unbeaten and Alabama has the aforementioned loss to Mississippi. Apologists for the Crimson Tide have apparently changed their views and now believe that SOS is more important than embarrassing losses.

Pollack suggested that the Crimson Tide should be ranked #1 ahead of Clemson despite the fact that the Tigers have an unblemished record and arguably the best win of the season with their triumph over CFP #4 Notre Dame.

For an objective, logical approach for ranking the FBS College Football Teams go to FBS LOGICAL College Football Rankings.

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