I've Had Enough...Just Stop!!!

Of all the solutions for fixing the playoff/selection committee that have been tossed around, and there are a lot, the most common solution just so happens to be the dumbest solution.

Here's the solution that is offered more than any other:

  • 8 team playoff
  • AQ status for P5 Conference Champs
  • AQ status for best G5 team
  • At large bids for remaining slots

STOP!!! If I hear one more person try to convince me this makes sense I'm going to check myself into a home.

I can kind of understand the first bullet point above. I can see having an 8 team playoff...but I still think 4 teams is better. It's when we get to the 2nd and 3rd bullet points where I lose my head.

No...teams should not get into a playoff just because they won their conference. That is not the best way at getting the absolute BEST teams competing for the National Championship. I'll only offer you one example and boy is it a doozy.

Think back to the 2011 season. Does anybody remember the Pac-12 Championship Game? This inaugural game pitted a #8 Oregon (10-2) against an unranked UCLA (6-6). That's right. Six losses. SIX. If UCLA were to pull off the upset, you can't tell me that you would be okay with them playing in the playoff. We wouldn't be able to stomach it. So just stop.

Now, I'm sure some of you will say something along these lines, "How about we do AQ status for P5 Conference Champs as long as they are ranked higher than 15 or so." Okay. Sure. I guess. But are we sure that's guaranteeing the 8 best teams end up in the playoff? I don't think so.

What do I think? Well...I'm happy with four teams. No AQs. I just think the committee should have to answer for it's dumb logic. If we ask the committee why Ohio State is ranked so high when they haven't played anybody, their answer shouldn't be "well, we haven't seen their best yet". The committee needs to stop giving teams the benefit of the doubt and start ranking them according to what they've done so far THIS SEASON. Reigning champs shouldn't get a pass just because they were good last season. The big issue after the first set of rankings was why Ohio State was ranked so high compared to Baylor. Both teams had essentially the same SOS, but Ohio State was ranked higher by virtue of being the defending champions. This needs to stop.

We need to call the committee out on their BS and they should have to answer with logic, not watered down poo. "Body clocks" won't fly with us. We aren't imbeciles.

So yes. 4-team playoff for me. Just fix the committee. We just need a committee that is consistent. If you are going to use one metric to rank one team, you need to use that same metric to justify the others' rankings as well.

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