2015 Week #11 FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings

Alabama Drops to #6 in Latest FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings

Despite an impressive road win versus CFP #17 Mississippi State, Alabama fell three slots from #3 to #6 in the 2015 Week #11 FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings. If one is willing to resist the weekly brain-washing by the popular pundits long enough to listen, an explanation is provided below. Keep in mind that if Alabama were the team with the soft schedule and the more impressive winning percentage, these same experts would be indoctrinating the public about how the Crimson Tide should be the higher ranked team. (See 2011 and 2013 for examples.) Let the education begin.

1. Mississippi State should not have been ranked #17 last week. Their most impressive win is against Auburn and they lost to Texas A&M. Their LOGICAL Ranking was #27 heading into the game versus Alabama.

2. Alabama rose from LOGICAL Ranking #11 to LOGICAL Ranking #3 last week based mostly upon beating a previously undefeated LSU who was ranked #1 by FBS LFR going into the game. This week, Arkansas one-upped the Crimson Tide by dismantling the Bayou Bengals in Death Valley. This obviously subtracts from the value of Alabama's momentous triumph over the Tigers.

3. FBS Football Rankings does agree that Alabama has earned the most wins up to this point of the season and currently ranks Alabama's schedule #2 out of all 128 FBS teams. However, their SOS will decrease significantly this week since the Crimson Tide have invited FCS Charleston Southern to Tuscaloosa for a large paycheck and a much larger beatdown on Saturday.

4. The main problem is that Alabama has a loss to LEVEL 7 Ole Miss and combined with LSU's downgrade from LEVEL 9 TO LEVEL 8, the Tide's MEDIAN Success Level rests at 7.5. With this relatively low MEDIAN, It is difficult to compete with unbeaten teams who have played at least an average schedule and/or have a win against a team at LEVEL 8 or higher.

  • Clemson has played an above-average schedule (52) and has a win against LEVEL 9 Notre Dame.
  • Iowa has played an above-average schedule (57) and has a win against LEVEL 8 Northwestern.
  • Ohio State has played an average schedule (64) and has a win against LEVEL 7 Penn State.
  • Oklahoma State has played a weak schedule (80) but has a win against LEVEL 8 TCU.
  • Notre Dame has played a strong schedule (27), has a win against LEVEL 7.5 Navy, and a loss against LEVEL 10 Clemson.

Eventually, either Ohio State or Iowa has to lose, so Alabama is realistically #5 in line for the four-team College Football Playoff according to FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings. These rankings are insignificant of course, but then again so are the current biased opinions of the CFP Selection Committee.

2015 Week #11 FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings

1. Clemson (10-0)

2. Iowa (10-0)

3. Ohio St (10-0)

4. Oklahoma St (10-0)

5. Notre Dame (9-1)

6. Alabama (9-1)

7. Florida (9-1)

8. Michigan St (9-1)

9. Houston (10-0)

10. Michigan (8-2)

11. Northwestern (8-2)

12. Louisiana St (7-2)

13. Oklahoma (9-1)

14. Texas Christian (9-1)

15. Navy (8-1)

16. Stanford (8-2)

17. Utah (8-2)

18. Memphis (8-2)

19. North Carolina (9-1)

20. Oregon (7-3)

21. Ole Miss (7-3)

22. Baylor (8-1)

23. Southern Cal (7-3)

24. Wisconsin (8-2)

25. Washington St (7-3)

For an objective and logical method for ranking the FBS college football teams go to FBS LOGICAL Football Rankings.

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