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Now hiring new Football Study Hall writers (UPDATED)

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UPDATE (3/22): I've gotten a lot more e-mails than I anticipated, and they're still trickling in! I'm going to start responding this weekend. Thanks, everybody.

Quick announcement: This is Mike Nixon's final day as an SB Nation Research & Analytics Intern. His work has been tremendous over the last six months, both in growing as a writer and charting games like crazy, and I am really glad he applied for the position. It's been a pleasure, Mike.

Instead of hiring a new intern to go alongside Chris A. Brown, I've decided to attempt something a little different and have gotten the backing from SBN to do so: We're going to hire some part-time writers instead. It's time to spread the Study Hall brand, and to do that, we need more writers taking on the advanced FO rankings, more people diving into the charting data, more people diving into strategies and tactics, more people writing about this sport's strange history, and basically, more people churning out interesting content.

I don't have a specific number of writers I want to bring aboard -- it will depend on the depth and quality of the applicants, really -- but if you're interested, please send me an e-mail at, fill me in a bit on some topics you'd love to explore*, and send me some writing samples if you have any. Make no mistake: This isn't going to pay much. But if you're looking for a reasonably visible outlet for wonking out, this will certainly be an opportunity for that.

* I'm not just looking for data wonks here. The goal of this site was to tie together exploration of stats, tactics, and college football history, really. It's about nerding out on college football, period, not just nerding out on its numbers.