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Week 10 college football Five Factors box scores

No mercy from Clemson against Louisville.

Louisville v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

This week’s Five Factors box scores are up! Check out all the results here. Week 6’s superior performances in each category are below.

Top 5 success rate margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Clemson (+40% vs. Louisville)
  2. Wisconsin (+38% vs. Rutgers)
  3. Cincinnati (+33% vs. Navy)
  4. Fresno State (+31% vs. UNLV)
  5. Utah State (+30% vs. Hawaii)

This week’s S&P+ saw the top two teams separate themselves by quite a bit. Bama asserted itself as expected against LSU, but Clemson had to destroy Louisville to impress S&P+ ... and did so. And then some.

Top 5 yards per play margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Clemson (+7.1 vs. Louisville ... 7.1!!!)
  2. UAB (+5.9 vs. UTSA)
  3. ULM (+5.4 vs. Georgia Southern)
  4. Illinois (+4.5 vs. Minnesota)
  5. Mississippi State (+4.4 vs. Louisiana Tech)

Aaaaaaaaaand then some.

(By the way, hello there, Illinois.)

Top 5 field position margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Ohio (+24.8 vs. WMU)
  2. Appalachian State (+24.0 vs. Coastal Carolina)
  3. Duke (+23.6 vs. Miami)
  4. NC State (+19.3 vs. FSU)
  5. Tulane (+17.8 vs. USF)

Miami’s post-game win expectancy against Duke was 68% — the Hurricanes averaged 1.8 more yards per play — but Duke’s field tilting ability, due to both turnovers and special teams, ended up making the difference in an eight-point win.

Top 5 points per scoring opportunity margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Cincinnati (+6.0 vs. Navy)
  2. Alabama (+5.2 vs. LSU)
  3. UAB (+4.6 vs. UTSA)
  4. Fresno State (+4.3 vs. UNLV)
  5. Mississippi State (+4.1 vs. Louisiana Tech)

Man. Navy. Forgettable year here.

Top 5 turnovers luck margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Ohio (+4.3 vs. WMU)
  2. TCU (+2.9 vs. Kansas State)
  3. Michigan (+2.7 vs. Penn State)
  4. Rutgers (+2.7 vs. Wisconsin)
  5. Syracuse (+2.5 vs. Wake Forest)

Translation: Rutgers had a turnover margin that was +2.7 ahead of where national averages suggest it should have been. As each turnover is worth approximately five points, that means the Scarlet Knights enjoyed about a 13 or 14-point boost thanks to turnovers luck. In a lucky-to-be-14-point loss.