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Time To Share Some Data: Targets, Catches And Close Games

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The 2011 season is finally upon us, but before we get rolling, I figured I'd roll out a couple more interesting Google Docs for your perusal. Just click on the links below to open the files in Google Docs. Enjoy. And if you write a post about the data at hand, it will almost certainly get promoted to the front page here.

1. Targets And Catches. This gives you full receiver data for the 2010 season, including the following fields: total targets, receptions, yards, yards per catch, EqPts gained on receptions, Total Team Targets, Yards per Target, Catch Rate and Target Rate.

A couple of notes:

* Only about 85-88% of a team's targets are accounted for in the play-by-play. Interceptions don't have target data, nor do some throw-away passes. For now, I just ignore this discrepancy, but you should know this as you're looking at the data. Adding together a team's targets and catches here will give you a completion percentage higher than reality, but that's just the way it is for now.

* Target Rate = the percentage of a team's overall targets accounted for by a single receiver.

* You might still see examples of a player showing up twice for a given team -- once as "First Last" and once as something like "F. Last" or something. I tried to account for everything, but pass along any errors you find.

2. Per-Season Close Game Records. This is a list of every team's record in close (i.e. one-possession) games for each season going back to 1900. Because why the hell not? (Google Docs is often slow, so this one may take a while to fully load.)

Enjoy. And as always, if you have data you want to share too, pass it along.