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Time To Share Some Data: Help Me, Help You.

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So we're going to try something: starting next week, I'm going to upload an Excel file with a wide array of 2011 advanced stats in it. The question is ... what would you like to see? There will definitely be some basic "+" rankings involved -- rushing, passing, standard downs, passing downs, Q1-Q4, 1st-3rd down, red zone -- and I'll try to include some pass and Adj. Run-Pass info. What else would people like to see? Beginning with tomorrow's Varsity Numbers column, we will begin working with 2011 Adj. Scores, which should be fun. Throw those in just for grins? What else? Targets and catches? Some running backs data? And does a simple .xlsx file with different tabs work? I was going to do another google doc, and I still might, but it would seem this would be easier and more user-friendly.

Anyway. Mi data es su data. Let me know what you want to see, and hopefully you'll see it.