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Reading Room

Essays on books about College Football.

Study Hall Staff Reading Recs

Your Football Study Hall editorial staff offers a number of reading recommendations to help fill the coming football free summer months.

Matt Hinton on "For the Glory"

SB Nation's "Sunday Morning Quarterback" looks back at the 1994 book "For the Glory" -- a player's point-of-view look at Joe Paterno's Penn State program.

Summer Reading Recommendations

Writers from around SB Nation suggest books College Football fans should pick up to read during the long off season.

The Reading Room: College Football

The Reading Room looks at John Watterson's 2000 book "College Football" that details the long history of controversy and scandal that has plagued the popular sport.

The Reading Room: Ninety-Nine Iron

In 1899 the Mountain Tigers of Sewanee traveled 2,500 miles and defeated five teams in six days. Wendell O. Given' book "Ninety-Nine Iron" recounts the story of that legendary squad.

The Reading Room: A Memorable Season In College Football (A Look Back At 1959)

A review of Robert Reid's A Memorable Season In College Football: A Look Back At 1959. The season was one of the sport's most interesting, featuring Ernie Davis, Syracuse, Billy Cannon, and one of the greatest ever games, Ole Miss-LSU.

The Reading Room: The Wow Boys

In 1940 Clark Shaughnessy lead Stanford to an unexpected undefeated season. In the process, the coach introduced football to the T-formation that revolutionized the way the game was played.

The Reading Room: Reading Football

The Football Study Hall Reading Room examines Michael Oriard's "Reading Football" and the value of taking an anthropological perspective toward the sport.

The Reading Room: Carlisle vs. Army

The Football Study Hall Reading Room looks at Lars Anderson's "Carlisle vs. Army" a retelling of the historic 1912 game that pitted Jim Thorpe against Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Reading Room: Meat Market

The Football Study Hall Reading Room looks at Bruce Feldman's book on College Football recruiting, "The Meat Market."

The Reading Room: Oh, How They Played the Game

The Football Study Hall Reading Room looks at Allison Danzig's book on the early history of the sport "Oh, How They Played the Game."

Football Study Hall Reading Room

Welcome to the Football Study Hall Reading Room! Here's what is in store for you each week over the course of the long, long off season.