NFL owners approve Rooney Rule applying to vacant QB coach positions


Several resolutions to the hiring process of NFL coaches have been passed at this year's Spring League Meeting, but perhaps the most impactful ruling applies to the hiring of quarterback coaches. Vacant QB coach positions are now subject to the Rooney Rule, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday. The ruling means NFL teams are now required to conduct outside interviews with a minority/female candidate for vacant QB coach positions. The change reflects the growing call for increased diversity within the league's coaching ranks. With many prospective head coaches beginning their careers in the QB room, the ruling is expected to help increase the hiring of minority head coaches in the future.

Frank Gore Announces Retirement, To Be Inducted into 49ers HOF


The San Francisco 49ers announced on Thursday that RB Frank Gore, a five-time Pro Bowl selection (2007, 2010 & 2012-14) and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's All-Decade Team of the 2010s, has signed a one-day contract with the team and will retire from the National Football League. In addition, Gore will be the newest inductee into the Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame, becoming the 31st member of the prestigious Hall of Fame for one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. The good news is NFR live stream will be available here. Every year after American football ends with the Super Bowl. Then NFR Starts in December.

Top 25 College Football Rankings for 2022


There are many ways to judge the success of a college football program, and Ohio State checks almost all the boxes. You can measure by national championships, conference championships, the number of players churned out to the NFL and more. Here are the top 25 teams in college football for 2022

Transitive Property National Champ Poll - Oct 4, 2015


Showing the teams that have the longest transitive property "path" over #1 Ohio St. I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it would be this crowd.

I did a Reddit AMA


Pretty fun. Lots of LSU, lots of Bundesliga, some Frozen bashing ... good times.

ESPN's Alok Pattani on the CFB Playoff Selection Committee


I interviewed Alok Pattani to get his thoughts on ESPN's new college football statistics and his opinions on the first selection committee rankings.

"If we win, we'll Roll all night": A Study of Emergency Medical Calls in Tuscaloosa Alabama on the Weekends of Alabama Football Games 2006-2012

This study has explored the relationship between the University of Alabama football games and 911 calls in the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama from 2006-2012. The main research objective was to use variables defined by the magnitude of the football game to explain the spatio-temporal patterns of 911 calls relative to the game weekends.

A Graph Theoretical Model for the Analysis of the Game of Football and a Discussion of Applications Thereof


This is a dissertation submitted by Patrick Taylor in 2009 for a mathematics PhD at the University of Alabama.

The Compu-Picks Roster / Recruiting Database


Compu-Picks Presents the CFB Recruiting Database - Merged with Roster Data (there are also 247 and ESPN only databases posted as well)

Are shameless plugs allowed?


I'll be frank - I'm seeking some real feedback on a site I'm developing (no worries, I'm not selling or advertising anything), and FSH seems like the top-of-my head most informed group who can help. This is mainly geared towards bringing together the best football drill videos into a one-stop resource. It's a little more elementary than the material usually posted here, but I'm going after younger coaches who are just looking for ideas to implement into their practice regimens. What are some solid resources for gathering high-quality football practice videos? YouTube obviously produces mixed results. If you were coach, what kind of value would you look for in something like this? There are tons of football drill sites, but none that I could tell who focus on the video aspect. I want to aggregate mainly - but also to provide unique value. Suggestions appreciated.