College Football Teams' Roster Management Analysis: Pt 2 - Public Universities


Part 2 of Roster Management series - Large Public Universities compared

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The fun part is realizing that every fan base in the country has experienced the same ridiculous moments of their own. Granted, each team has had a different mix of happiness and sadness (and not every fan base has had to deal with fifth downs and flea kickers), but every time you are dipped into the world of another team and set of fans, you realize how deep and ridiculously passionate the college football world is.

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I think the July 29 release date is pretty realistic now...

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I always enjoy chatting with Dan and Ty. There's just enough book talk for me to justify putting it on the Study Hall hub, though there will likely be another appearance in another month or so.

Compu-Picks 2013 Spring Preview, Free Sample


Free Sample of the 2013 Compu-Picks Spring Preview, featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide and TCU Horned Frogs.



Overall, of the 697 regular season games involving IA opponents in 2012, the point spread differed from the actual result by an average of 12.10 points. While that may intuitively seem high considering the reverence with which the point spread is regarded, keep in mind that the smallest amount the point spread can differ from the actual result is zero, while the largest amount is theoretically infinite (if realistically about 55). Consider that it takes about six reasonably accurate spreads (say a difference of five points) to bring the huge UCLA/Arizona outlier down to the twelve point average.

From an interesting look at Vegas vs. college football by the good folks at College Football by the Numbers.

So I'm brushing up on my Ole Miss for tomorrow's Rebels preview, and I stumble across a bounty of...


So I'm brushing up on my Ole Miss for tomorrow's Rebels preview, and I stumble across a bounty of old stats. Turns out, Ole Miss has its season stats posted all the way back to 1967. Click here for a blown-up screen-cap from 1969. Archie Manning's 1969 stat line: * 154-for-265 passing (58.1%), 1,762 yards (6.6 per pass), 9 TD, 9 INT * 124 carries, 502 yards (4.0 per carry), 14 TD This made him a major Heisman candidate in 1970. (And while we're at it, when you woke up this morning, you and I both know the first question you asked yourself was, "Who was the second-string quarterback for Ole Miss in 1999?" Now you have the answer! Even Eli Manning rotted away on the third string for a while.)

The men who head the sports divisions of ABC and CBS say the networks did not do well financially...


The men who head the sports divisions of ABC and CBS say the networks did not do well financially in their telecasts of NCAA football games last season. "We had the worst year financially in our history for college football," said Jim Spence, president of ABC Sports. CBS Sports President Neal Pilson said the situation was the same for his network. The network officials, meeting in Oregon, blamed the lack of profits on overexposure and too high a price tag for the right to show the games … The Justice Department yesterday urged Supreme Court Justice Byron White not to stay a lower court order which nullified the NCAA's existing television contracts and opened the way for colleges to make their own TV deals.

The Miami News, 7/20/1983. Twenty-nine years ago "A bad year for college football" meant something just a little bit different than it does now.

We Have Been Arguing About The Same Things In College Football For 75 Years


Kleph and Todd from Roll Bama Roll put together an interesting couple of posts (here's kleph's) regarding controversial bowl selections in the mid- to late-1930s. All we're missing is a reference to a four- or eight-team playoff, and we will officially have been arguing about the same thing since before World War II.