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Why not HUNH?

The debate here is not over the tactical merits of the HUNH necessarily, but of its strategic utility and its effect on the philosophical roots of the game

Conventional Wisdom Watch: coaches vs. FO

The true quality of BCS bowl teams

What can F/+ ratings tell us about the quality required to (typically) become a BCS bowl team or national champion?

Army, Navy and Defensive Pass Interference

In 1936, Army and Navy faced off in Philadelphia in front of the largest crowd to ever attend a football game up to that time. The end result was an officiating controversy that changed the rules on defensive pass interference.

College Football Playoffs: Four Decades Of Arguments And The Rise Of The Tampa Spartans

A look at the history of college football playoff arguments, stretching back to at least 1971.

In Defense Of Success Rates

A discussion about the utility and usefulness of the Success Rate measure in football statistics.

Texas "Would Have Been A Good Team If Not For The Turnover Ratio"?

A look at how turnovers affected the 2010 Texas Longhorns football team in accordance with Mack Brown's comments today at Big 12 Media Days.

The "Week-To-Week Grind" of Major Conferences: Is It Actually A Thing?

Is the "week-to-week grind" of major conferences really an issue when it comes to mid-majors making the leap?

Cheating And 2011

A look at cheating and its prevalence in present day college football.

Today's Twitter Argument: Paying Players

A debate about paying college athletes.

Chip Kelly's Offense: "Genius" To Be Solved, or Good Offense With Good Talent and Good Execution?

A look at Oregon's offense, its sustainability, and the level of genius residing in Chip Kelly's brain.

Why We Like Andy Staples: He'll Argue With Us.