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College Football History

1992 was more than just George Teague (allegedly)

A look back at the 1992 college football season, which featured four elite teams (national champion Alabama, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Nebraska) and only one that avoided landmines to finish unbeaten.

I think I sell the '93 Noles short

A review of the 1993 college football season, in which Florida State was the best team and national champion and sheer chaos reigned below.

Your best team doesn't always get the rings

Reviewing the 1994 college football team, in which one of Tom Osborne's more average Nebraska teams finally won him a national title (and got 12-year revenge over a better Penn State squad).

1995 was about Nebraska and Northwestern

Revisiting the 1995 college football season. Nebraska was clearly the best team in the country that year ... but it wasn't obvious until the finale.

The scariest team won in 1996

Reviewing the 1996 college football season, which featured a classic upset (Texas over Nebraska), a classic Rose Bowl (Ohio State over Arizona State), and a terrifying national champion (Florida).

CFB's postseason used to be quite dumb

A look back at the 1997 college football season, in which two undefeated teams and an awesome one-loss Florida State team all played different bowl opponents, and we ended up with third split national title in eight years.

1998 broke so many hearts

Revisiting the 1998 college football season, which featured a Tennessee national title and broken hearts from Florida State to Ohio State to Kansas State to UCLA.

1999 had star power

Reviewing the 1999 college football season, which featured an easy national title matchup (Florida State vs. Virginia Tech) and an abundance of star power.

OU was the team of the 2000s

A look at college football in the decade of the 2000s, in which Oklahoma may have had the best team and the best overall program.

2000 would have been perfect with a Playoff

Revisiting the 2000 college football season, in which the BCS' biggest issue was once again an inability to choose more than two teams.

Yeah, 2001 Miami was as good as you thought

Revisiting the 2001 college football season, which would have been a 2007-level mess if not for a dominant Miami team.

2002's best was neither Ohio State nor Miami

Revisiting the 2002 college football season. Ohio State beat Miami for the BCS title, but two-loss USC might have been the best team in the country.

Revisiting 2003

The 2003 college football season featured three elite teams (LSU, Oklahoma, USC), but only two could fit onto the field at the BCS title game.

Picking OU over Auburn in 2004 was justifiable

Who were the top teams of the 2004 college football season?

The 99.5ers -- the *almost* perfect offenses

Some of college football's best offenses, from 1968 Houston to 2010 Auburn and beyond.

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The Presidential Football Games

An effort to tally the list of college football games attended by the President of the United States of America.

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The 1948 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Texas

South Carolina's Great Sigma Nu Caper of 1961

The South Carolina vs. Clemson rivalry has produced its share of epic contests but few can contend with the 1961 edition of the series.

Army, Navy and Defensive Pass Interference

In 1936, Army and Navy faced off in Philadelphia in front of the largest crowd to ever attend a football game up to that time. The end result was an officiating controversy that changed the rules on defensive pass interference.

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So I'm brushing up on my Ole Miss for tomorrow's Rebels preview, and I stumble across a bounty of...

Now Playing: Auburn Vs. Virginia Tech (2005 Sugar Bowl)

This was a game where Virginia Tech fans thought their team should have won, and Auburn fans thought their team should have won by 20. And both had evidence on their respective sides.

Now Playing: Arkansas At Tennessee (1998)

This truly was one of the biggest gut-punch near-upsets in college football's history. Arkansas did not luck into a lead against No. 1 Tennessee on November 14, 1998 -- they completely and totally outplayed the Vols. And then they lost anyway.

Now Playing: Oklahoma Vs. Nebraska (1979 Orange Bowl)

Billy Sims is one of the most unique runners that has ever existed. He was reasonably tall (6'0) and ran upright, offering a large target. But even with a perfect form tackle, one defender couldn't bring him down.

Now Playing: Georgia Vs. Florida (1980)

For the most part, the 1980 Georgia-Florida game has been boiled down to a single, legendary play: Lindsay Scott's 93-yard touchdown reception with under 90 seconds remaining.

Now Playing: Nebraska Vs. LSU (1971 Orange Bowl)

Following losses by No. 1 Texas (24-11 to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl) and No. 2 Ohio State (27-17 to Stanford in the Rose Bowl), Bob Devaney wrapped up his first national title at Nebraska with a 17-12 win over No. 5 LSU in the Orange Bowl.

Now Playing: Alabama At Mississippi State (1992)

YouTube is an absolute goldmine for finding full college football games at this point. We should probably take advantage of that.

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We Have Been Arguing About The Same Things In College Football For 75 Years

Kleph and Todd from Roll Bama Roll put together an interesting couple of posts (here's kleph's) regarding controversial bowl selections in the mid- to late-1930s. All we're missing is a reference to a four- or eight-team playoff, and we will officially have been arguing about the same thing since before World War II.

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Our own kleph shares a newspaper clipping showing majority support for a college football playoff...

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In 1935, Alabama's head coach Frank Thomas was featured in Sport Story Magazine where he espoused...

100-Year Rankings

College football teams ranked by their 100-year performance averages.

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In the 1970s, Pete Frame produced a series of "family trees" for rock bands that have become an...

The Historical: Texas' McEachern Miracle and Corne

The Historical takes a look at the 1977 Red River Shootout that saw a third-string Texas QB come off the bench to save the day and the infamous "Fifth Down" game between Cornell and Dartmouth in 1940.