2022 College Football Data Preview: Notre Dame VS Clemson


Going into the season, I feel like most folks’ eyes were trained heavily on the Ohio State and Clemson matchups. We got a solid, opening weekend showing from the Irish football squad against the Buckeyes. Then things happened. We found ourselves spiraling from week to week, just hoping for the best and losing sight of any long term expectations that may have existed. But now here we are coming off a solid win against Syracuse (who sort of took the Clemson Tigers to the wire in Week 8) and heading into a Week 10 showdown with the Tigers. The trip to upstate New York provided us with some nice treats going into the Halloween holiday. We’ve had a nice haul of quality candy (no Werther’s, candy corn or almond Joy allowed) to get us through the week. And now comes the stage when we’re a week out, plunging our hands into the dark depths of that plastic pumpkin and hoping we can come out with a clutch straggler (preferably a Twix).