Las Vegas Raiders' Derek Carr will not be discussing contract extension during the season

Quarterback Derek Carr seems to have no intentions of negotiating a contract extension with the Las Vegas Raiders during the season, according to the report coming from ESPN.

Carr has been one of the best players for the Raiders this season and came second in the NFL in passing yards, so we can understand that they are many reasons why contract talks were brought to the table.

The 30-year-old quarterback has only 2021 and 2022 seasons left on his current contract with the Las Vegas franchise, and it is worth over $40 million in total; he became the then NFL's highest-paid player back in 2017 after signing a five-year, $125 million deal, which was shown in several best usa casinos at the time.

The Las Vegas Raiders are currently up against the salary cap: with their cash situation only improving following the season, and they will be having more to spend with the huge flow of money that came about due to their emergence in Las Vegas.

The salary cap of the NFL is expected to undergo a rise in each of the coming next two years.

Carr is understood to not be seeking an extension this year, as he plans to wait for another season before he starts negotiating terms for an extension, according to the report which further claimed that the 30-year-old quarterback intends to stay with the Raiders just like he had said in the past.

During the summer, Carr said via online casinos: "There's still more, and I want to do it here. I don't want to do it anywhere else. I've said it over and over again -- I'd probably quit football if I had to play for somebody else. I'm a Raider for my entire life, and I'm going to root for one team for the rest of my life, and it's the Raiders. I just feel that so strong in my heart."

Carr went into Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears and ended up claiming 1,399 passing yards, which became the most registered in the AFC and second in the league behind Matthew Stafford (1,587). He was also to register eight touchdown passes and three interceptions in the space of four games.

While Carr's performance for the Raiders has always been good, the player has been out of it lately as he could perform much in their loss to Los Angeles Chargers, a game which ended in a 28-14 loss at the Sofi stadium.

He could do much in their 20-9 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, and he didn't get much help either. However, many will be expecting the player to bounce back in the Raiders' next game as they are currently on a 3-2 record for the season.

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