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Week 9 Five Factors box scores

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Five Factors stats from each game of the college football season’s ninth week.

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s Five Factors box scores are up! Check out all the results here. Week 9’s superior performances in each category are below.

Top 5 success rate margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Michigan (+27% vs. Rutgers)
  2. Clemson (+22% vs. Georgia Tech)
  3. Virginia Tech (+21% vs. Duke)
  4. Missouri (+21% vs. UConn)
  5. Washington (+20% vs. UCLA)

Brent Venables and the Clemson defense really don’t worry too much about the triple option.

Top 5 yards per play margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Toledo (+7.9 vs. Ball State)
  2. Georgia (+5.6 vs. Florida)
  3. Arizona (+5.0 vs. Washington State)
  4. Memphis (+4.9 vs. Tulane)
  5. Ole Miss (+4.2 vs. Arkansas)

Good god, Toledo. If you want to know how to make a statement against a team like Ball State, outgaining them by nearly eight yards per snap isn’t a bad way to go about it.

Top 5 field position margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Kansas State (+25.8 vs. Kansas)
  2. Boston College (+20.8 vs. FSU)
  3. Wyoming (+15.3 vs. New Mexico)
  4. Virginia Tech (+19.1 vs. Duke)
  5. Texas (+18.1 vs. Baylor)

Uh, good thing KSU controlled field position. Nothing else really went according to plan.

Top 5 points per scoring opportunity margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Missouri (+4.8 vs UConn)
  2. Georgia (+4.7 vs. Florida)
  3. Kentucky (+4.1 vs. Tennessee)
  4. Wisconsin (+4.0 vs. Illinois)
  5. NIU (+3.7 vs. EMU)

Missouri could have scored 80 on UConn if it wanted to.

Top 5 turnovers luck margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Wyoming (+3.8 vs. New Mexico)
  2. Miami (+3.7 vs. North Carolina)
  3. Louisiana Tech (+3.5 vs. Rice)
  4. Stanford (+3.3 vs. Oregon State)
  5. FAU (+2.6 vs. WKU)

Translation: Miami had a turnover margin that was +3.7 ahead of where national averages suggest it should have been. As each turnover is worth approximately five points, that means UNC suffered about 18 to 19 points’ worth of bad turnovers luck. In a five-point loss. Miami just used its get-out-of-jail-free card. If it hadn’t already.