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Week 7 Five Factors box scores

Five Factors stats from each game of the college football season’s seventh week.

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

This week’s Five Factors box scores are up! Check out all the results here. Week 6’s superior performances in each category are below.

Top 5 success rate margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Alabama (+33% vs. Arkansas)
  2. WKU (+31% vs. Charlotte)
  3. Mississippi State (+31% vs. BYU)
  4. UCF (+30% vs. ECU)
  5. Ohio State (+28% vs. Nebraska)

Nick Saban elected to serve as benevolent dictator against Bret Bielema and Arkansas. The Tide could have won by whatever score they chose but chose only 41-9.

Top 5 yards per play margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Oklahoma State (+5.8 vs. Baylor)
  2. Alabama (+4.6 vs. Arkansas)
  3. Fresno State (+4.1 vs. New Mexico)
  4. UF (+3.3 vs. ECU)
  5. Georgia State (+3.0 vs. ULM)

OSU-Baylor could have been way worse than 59-16, too.

Top 5 field position margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Iowa State (+20.5 vs. Kansas)
  2. Purdue (+19.3 vs. Wisconsin)
  3. Clemson (+15.9 vs. Syracuse)
  4. California (+15.5 vs. Washington State)
  5. Toledo (+15.4 vs. CMU)

Kudos to Iowa State for quickly handling its business against Kansas. Yes, the Jayhawks are terrible, but not even the slightest bit of hangover for ISU following the upset of OU.

Top 5 points per scoring opportunity margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Fresno State (+6.3 vs. New Mexico)
  2. UL-Lafayette (+4.3 vs. Texas State)
  3. Iowa State (+4.2 vs. Kansas)
  4. TCU (+4.2 vs. KSU)
  5. Marshall (+3.7 vs. ODU)

TCU and Kansas State each created five scoring opportunities, but TCU won by 20.

Top 5 turnovers luck margins (vs. FBS)

  1. Cal (+4.4 vs. Washington State)
  2. Purdue (+3.3 vs. Wisconsin)
  3. Auburn (+2.7 vs. LSU)
  4. Memphis (+2.7 vs. Navy)
  5. Arizona (+2.2 vs. UCLA)

Translation: Cal had a turnover margin that was +4.4 ahead of where national averages suggest it should have been. (And if you saw some of those acrobatic interceptions, you know that kinda makes sense.) As each turnover is worth approximately five points, that means Wazzu suffered about 22 points’ worth of bad turnovers luck. Still lost by 34, though.