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Introducing an advanced statistical matchups tool for college football

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UPDATE, 9/30: While I haven't received much feedback, the app is getting A LOT of use and I'm hoping that with more usage and users, people will start requesting additions.

The site should load much much much faster when I update NEXT week.


On Tuesday, Bill debuted his Team Statistical Profiles, which will be updated weekly throughout the year.

Before, it was difficult to get all that info on a single team in one place without sorting or scraping through the rankings on Football Outsiders. Now, Voila! For any team, you can quickly view many advanced statistical measures all in one easy-to-read page. This is great! And by reading the comments on his original post, the results of Bill's (and Mrs. Bill's) hard work were much appreciated.

In the feedback process, however, there were more requests: links to opponent's profiles, adjusted Five Factor stats, side-by-side comparisons, and more additions.

What I'm sharing in this post will address at least one of those requests: side-by-side comparisons of traditional and advanced stats for any game since 2005. Over the last couple months, I've been working on a dashboard to analyze how one team's offense, defense, and special teams units stack up against the opposing units for any given matchup. This project was initially started for personal use (for entertainment purposes only, of course). However, as I went about building it, I realized the organized content didn't exist anywhere else (at least that I had seen).

After seeing the Team Profiles get posted, I thought that the matchups dashboard would fit in nicely alongside the profiles in our toolbox. Bill has graciously given me a platform to share my work publicly.  So, here ya go (the site may initially take up to 20 seconds to load):

College Football Matchups Tool

The tool is current (through Week 4 of 2015) and will be updated weekly. There is a glossary tab for those of you unfamiliar with the statistics typically referenced on this site. For every game, the tool includes tabs showing comparisons for scoring stats, pace stats, advanced play stats, drive stats, and more. It also include tables listing statistically similar games, a topic I wrote about a couple weeks ago.

Got feedback? We want feedback... This is a project that I'd like to continuously improve upon; so be greedy, people. Ask for more. If you have something in mind that you'd like to see, communicate it to me somehow (comment below, email me, or on twitter @RadDad_17) and I'll work on adding it.

There are more than 7000 games included in this tool. I have a wife, a toddler, two dogs, a lawn to begrudgingly mow, and a real job. Let's just say, I haven't had a chance to go through every game individually. If you find any errors, typos, weird team colors, or just anything out of the ordinary, please find a way to communicate it to me and I'll address it.

Lastly, it can take some time (20 seconds or less) for the tool to initially load and it also takes a few seconds to load all the charts whenever you switch between tabs or change a filter. This is not ideal, and I realize some would consider this "slow". I'm working on it.

Now, go check it out! Then complain. Your complaints are welcomed around here.