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Team-by-team statistical profiles have been updated through Week 4 games

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When I began tinkering with college football stats around the summer of 2007, the idea was to give myself more tools to supplement my writing. I think it has done so, and in the proceeding years, I have attempted to share a good amount of this data for others to use. It's never been as much as I wanted to share, however ... until now.

Starting this week, you can find statistical profiles for every FBS team, updated weekly (most likely on Monday mornings).

2015 college football advanced statistical profiles

What are you going to find here?

  • NEW AS OF SEPTEMBER 27: Links to each opponent's profile within the 2015 schedule, S&P+ win probabilities and projected scores for each future contest. Keep the requests/suggestions coming!
  • Schedule and Results: Scores, percentile performances, adjusted scoring margin, win expectancy, second-order win totals
  • Team Rankings: F/+, S&P+, Off. S&P+, Def. S&P+
  • Five Factors: Efficiency (success rate), Explosiveness (IsoPPP), Field Position (average starting field position), Finishing Drives (points per scoring opportunity), Turnovers (expected and actual)
  • Rushing: Team stats (Rushing S&P+, success rates, IsoPPP, line stats), individual stats (the basics plus highlight yards, opportunity rate, fumbles)
  • Passing: Team stats (Passing S&P+, success rates, IsoPPP, sack rates), individual passing stats (the basics plus sacks), individual receiving stats (the basics plus target data, catch rates, etc.)
  • Situational Stats: Standard downs, passing downs, per-quarter, per-down
  • Offensive Footprint: Run rates, tempo, pct. of solo tackles
  • Defensive Footprint: Run rates against, havoc rates (by unit), PD-to-INC
  • Individual Defensive Stats: The basics plus havoc stats
  • Special Teams: Place-kicking, punting, kickoffs, returns (and, when it exists later in the year, Fremeau's special teams efficiency data)

I have set this up so I can make constant additions/enhancements as we go. Some of the things on the immediate to-do list include incorporating win projections for future games, maybe adding an extra layer of per-drive and per-play data (basic stuff like yards and plays per drive, etc.) and tinkering with some more visually-pleasing aesthetics. Right now, it's just kind of a data dump.

I'll also throw in more links/definitions where it makes sense to do so. But I'm open to any suggestion you've got.

This is exciting. I've long hated that I wasn't able to provide as much of this for others as I liked, and I think I've figured out a way to do it now. Hope you like it.