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2014 college football charting project: Time to sign up!

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Football Study Hall is now taking sign-ups for this year's college football game charting project.

It's time for year 3. Apologies for the delay.

For the last two years, I have been attempting to organize a large game-charting project for college football. In 2012, two interns charted six to eight games a week. In 2013, we used volunteers to chart about 200 games.

In 2014, the process is changing a bit -- still getting finalized, actually -- but we're once again taking volunteers.

Here's what I said a year ago:

This is such rich data, and I would love to pull in as many games as possible. We're working on streamlining the process, but as it stands, each game takes probably 3-4 hours to chart, at least at first. We will make the charting data available to all charters, so if you want to write about a given game at either Study Hall or your own team's site, you can. And if you want to do scouting pieces from other teams' charting stats, you can. But this is certainly a labor of love. Charters in 2013 will be volunteer-only; though I'd love to get to a point where we can pay for charters in the future, we're just not there ye

Unfortunately, we're still not at a point of paying people. That comes with time, and with further usage of the data itself. But if you're interested in charting games, either for a specific team or for all of college football, simply fill out the form below, and you'll get further instructions in the coming days. We're still finalizing this year's process -- we found out pretty late in the game that last year's process isn't going to work this year -- but we'll try to get as much guidance as possible to you by the time the first games kick off.

Charting isn't for everybody. When you try to chart a game, and it takes you four hours the first time, you might quickly come to the realization that it isn't for you. Or you might find that it teaches you more about the game, that it enlightens writing you might or might not have known you want to do. If you are the strain of nerd that enjoys such a thing, sign up. If you're not sure you are or not, sign up and withdraw later if you come to realize you don't have the time, energy, or interest.

And as I said last year ... any help you can give will be incredibly valuable. Charting data is awesome.