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Introducing a new (old) author: Matt Hinton

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If this were the corporate world, it would be called a merger of sorts. Instead, it's just a really cool announcement: Matt Hinton, who has at times in his blogging career been known as the Sunday Morning QB, Doc Saturday, CBS' Matt Hinton, and Sunday Morning QB again, is now a Football Study Hall author.

In the sense that being analytical is a brand of sorts, it makes perfect sense to merge these 'brands' together. Matt was the original Analytical Football Blogger, and back in 2008 or so, when I was beginning to figure out ways to apply numbers to college football, the original SMQ was the first site I visited to attempt to get some feedback. It was a pretty big deal for me when Matt latched onto one of my original ideas (i believe it was the standard downs vs. passing downs concept), and it's a pretty big deal for him to join up with me now over here. (We also work together at Football Outsiders and on the Football Outsiders Almanacs.)

I'd go into detail about the work Matt is planning to do over here, but a) you probably already know the type of work Matt does quite well, and b) his first post should go up later today. No need for me to explain it when you can just read it for yourself. Regardless, this is exciting! Everybody say hi, Matt!