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Countdown to Study Hall: Your 10 formative games

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I am signing off on the physical proof today, so it appears that my first book, Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories, should indeed be released in approximately two weeks (~July 29). To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to start some conversations about the topics included in the book itself. Let the countdown begin.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

In Chapter 1 of Study Hall, I talk about all the ways in which this silly sport of college footblal hooks so many people. As part of the chapter, I list the 10 games that most directly formed my fandom as I know it. I also asked three Internet friends -- Senator Blutarsky, Ty and Dan -- for their lists as a way to show how regionalized and local college football is, how every fanbase has its own Immaculate Reception, et cetera. The result: We combined to list 40 games with only two repeats: Nebraska-Florida 1995 and Texas-USC 2005. Four people, 38 different games. Experiment: successful!

You'll have to wait for the book to come out to find out why I chose these 10 games (some of them are blatantly obvious, others not so much), but here they are.

1. Boston College 47, Miami 45 (11/23/1984)
2. Oklahoma 25, Penn State 10 (1/1/1986)
3. Penn State 14, Miami 10 (1/2/1987)
4. Missouri 42, Oklahoma State 9 (10/16/1993)
5. Nebraska 62, Florida 24 (1/2/1996)
6. Nebraska 45, Missouri 38 (11/8/1997)
7. Kansas State 66, Missouri 0 (11/20/1999)
8. Missouri 41, Nebraska 24 (10/11/2003)
9. Missouri 36, Kansas 28 (11/24/2007)
10. UL-Lafayette 32, San Diego State 30 (12/11/2011)

What's your list? We all have one. Call this the ultimate summer conversation topic...