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Introducing the new Study Hall team

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The response I got to last month's Help Wanted post was pretty overwhelming. Thanks to everybody who showed interest. It took me quite a while to comb through all of the options. In the end, here's who I've added to the team:

Mark Ennis (mengus22)


Mark has been a contributor at, a manager for Big East Coast Bias, and a frequent contributor at Card Chronicle. You probably know him already.

Craig Powers


Craig has long been an interesting, analytical presence at Coug Center; he is also a newdesker for and has contributed to the College Basketball Prospectus.

Nickel Rover

NR, as I'll call him, has been a longtime contributor at Barking Carnival, focusing on the tactical side of the game. Here are a couple of recent works.

Dave Hudson


Dave is an Oklahoma State fan and contributor for Pistols Firing. He's good with visuals; here are some of his greatest hits at PF.

Paul Dalen


Paul is a Nebraska fan who runs the lovely Husker Math nerd site (here's my favorite piece of his) and has contributed to Corn Nation. As with Dave, I love his use of visuals.

Brian Goldstein


Brian is another one with strong tactical knowledge; his first piece will be on the effect of changing from one offensive system to another.


Steve is a USC fan who blew me away with the ideas he had. He will be spending a good amount of time with the 2012 Charting Project analyzing the effects of different schemes.

It is exciting for me to bring these folks aboard; my one problem with Study Hall has been that it has been difficult to generate enough content for it. That is officially not a concern anymore. Welcome them!