Pitt vs Fordham 1937

Fordham's Seven Blocks of Granite

Fordham's "Seven Blocks of Granite" from the 20s and 30s are usually recalled today for two reasons; 1) the presence of Vince Lombardi and 2) being the archtypical offensive line for the "three yards and a cloud of dust" era of college football. And while it is true that Fordham's strong offensive line was idea for the off-tackle run that was the hallmark of their titanic clashes with Pitt in that era, it's not the whole story.

At first glance the epic 1937 clash between Fordham and Pitt at New York's Polo Grounds would appear to be the classic example for the meat-and-potatoes brand of football we associate with the period. For the third year in a row the two teams battled to a 0-0 tie and testaments of physical play dominate the oral narratives that survive.

Interestingly, the video of the game tells something of a different tale. Both teams clearly use the pass as a dynamic tool to set up the run... just like we might expect to see today. Pitt, by the way, would go on to claim the national championship for 1937 despite the blemish of the tie on their record.

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