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Drive-Point Efficiency Chart Thru Week 7

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The DPE charts continue to demonstrate that the most efficient teams on offense and defense are your national champion contenders.

Jeff Gammons

Through Week 7, there is a clear correlation between winning lots of football games and being highly efficient on offense and defense.

Baylor proved to be mortal this week, and while the Bears remain one of the most efficient offenses this year, they are no longer No. 1. That position belongs to the Florida State Seminoles, who are scoring an eye-popping 2.25 points more per drive than the expected points.

One thing that is becoming apparent this year: The SEC's defenses aren't what they used to be (or what they were said to be). Of the 14 teams in the SEC, only four (Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and LSU) are holding their opponents to fewer points per drive than the expected points.  And LSU is barely above average, with their opponents scoring on average 0.02 points per drive fewer than the expected points.

To see this, filter on only the SEC in the dropdown filter box labeled "Conf"