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The 2012 College Football Previews Are Finished

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It was long and ridiculously arduous, but with the Alabama preview going up this morning, the 2012 preview series, complete with both previews and statistical profiles, is complete. View the entire list here. The SEC and Big 12 links are below.

Team Conference 2012 Preview Stat Profile
Alabama Crimson Tide
Arkansas Razorbacks SEC X X
Auburn Tigers SEC X X
Florida Gators SEC X X
Georgia Bulldogs SEC X X
Kentucky Wildcats SEC X X
LSU Tigers SEC X X
Mississippi State Bulldogs SEC X X
Missouri Tigers SEC X X
Ole Miss Rebels SEC X X
South Carolina Gamecocks SEC X X
Tennessee Volunteers SEC X X
Texas A&M Aggies SEC X X
Vanderbilt Commodores SEC X X
Team Conference 2012 Preview Stat Profile
Baylor Bears Big 12 X X
Iowa State Cyclones Big 12 X X
Kansas Jayhawks Big 12 X X
Kansas State Wildcats Big 12 X X
Oklahoma Sooners Big 12 X X
Oklahoma State Cowboys Big 12 X X
TCU Horned Frogs Big 12 X X
Texas Longhorns Big 12 X X
Texas Tech Red Raiders Big 12 X X
West Virginia Mountaineers Big 12 X X

This year, the preview series was both more challenging and detailed and more rewarding. I have something to refer back to as the season unfolds, which will be lovely. Please let me know what can be done to make this series better, especially the statistical profiles. I took a first stab at them this year, and while I know of some flaws (among other things, the layout was funky for some people, and the "Adj. Yards Per Target" measure needs a little more fleshing out), by all means leave suggestions in comments.

Here's to the season beginning ... and my workload somehow decreasing. Maybe. Okay, probably not.