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2012 College Football Season Preview: The Big Ten Is In The Books

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For the umpteenth time, I apologize for the lack of Study Hall-specific content. As always, there is a ton of content going up behind the scenes (in the form of the statistical profiles), but the front page gets a little stale, doesn't it? Well, just know that I'm working on that (and I'm pretty excited about it). In the meantime, enjoy the links below.

The Big Ten is going to be interesting in 2012. In one division, you've got Michigan State (incredible defense, rebuilt passing game) attempting to defend its division crown against Michigan, Nebraska, etc. In the other, you've got Wisconsin trying to hold off darkhorse challenges from Illinois and Penn State, with Ohio State wearing the invisibility cloak (and winning games). I guess the smart money is on a Michigan-Wisconsin title game (that's what the Football Outsiders Almanac says, anyway), but seven of the conference's 12 teams are projected to finish within a game of a division title. That's fun.

Team 2012 Preview Stat Profile
Illinois Fighting Illini X X
Indiana Hoosiers X X
Iowa Hawkeyes X X
Michigan Wolverines X X
Michigan State Spartans X X
Minnesota Golden Gophers X X
Nebraska Cornhuskers X X
Northwestern Wildcats X X
Ohio State Buckeyes X X
Penn State Nittany Lions X X
Purdue Boilermakers X X
Wisconsin Badgers X X