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2012 College Football Season Preview: The Pac-12 Is Complete

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My boy.
My boy.

And the second BCS conference is complete. Four more to go.

I'll say this much: the Pac-12 North is the most fun division in college football. You've got a national title contender (Oregon), one of the most physical teams in the country (Stanford, which will still be very good), Mike Leach at Washington State, Keith Price at Washington, Keenan Allen and a stout defense at California, and a bunch of track stars in the Oregon State receiving corps and secondary. I really hope the Pac 12 Network finds immediate distribution in mid-Missouri because I want to watch every one of those battles.

Some random predictions: Oregon and USC meet in the Pac-12 title game (we'll say Oregon wins after USC beats them a month earlier in L.A.), Washington State goes 6-6, UCLA pretty quickly wins more under Jim Mora, Jr., than it ever did under Rick Neuheisel, Utah finishes second in the South this year, and Washington State's Marquess Wilson is an All-American in 2012.

Team 2012 Preview Stat Profile
Arizona Wildcats X X
Arizona State Sun Devils X X
California Golden Bears X X
Colorado Buffaloes X X
Oregon Ducks X X
Oregon State Beavers X X
Stanford Cardinal X X
UCLA Bruins X X
USC Trojans X X
Utah Utes X X
Washington Huskies X X
Washington State Cougars X X