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NOW HIRING: SB Nation Sports Research and Analytics Intern

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To all college students who enjoy the analytics aspect of sports and want to get involved in the field, I am happy to present this opportunity: SB Nation is now hiring a Sports Research and Analytics Intern.

We have an exciting opportunity for qualified, hardworking individuals who are looking to learn about the internet publishing business and web production and distribution. You will be working alongside and learning from top quality editors, writers and talent.


A strong understanding of methods of analysis, familiarity with computing systems, and effective communication skills -- both written and verbal.

Practical working knowledge of the micro-computing environment and related application software (i.e. spreadsheets, databases, graphics and word processing).

An ability to work effectively on collaborative projects, both individually and through telecommunications.

General familiarity with major sports (football, basketball, baseball, tennis).


The goal of this position will be to assist in the development of the analytical and data collection capabilities of the SB Nation organization. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Assist in the collection and processing of historical data for an expanded college football database.

2. Organize and disseminate data to Analytics Director and relevant SB Nation writers.

3. Assist in the charting of sporting events, including (but not limited to) marquee college football games, grand slam tennis matches and, potentially, college basketball and some professional sporting events.

4. Provide critical analysis of charted data on either Football Study Hall ( or at SB Nation itself (

5. Assist other writers in the SB Nation network regarding how to write clear, analytical posts for their given site(s).

6. Other duties as assigned.

To apply, go here.

I'm really excited about this. We have so many interesting ideas that we want to pursue, in both football and other sports, and not enough manpower to get to it all. Time to begin changing that. Apply, tell your friends, et cetera.