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F/+ Picks, Week 9

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Picks and projections for Week 9 of the 2012 college football season.

Andy Lyons

Another strong week! We've turned the corner forever! It's 60-percent weeks from here on out! Yep!

(What's that? That's not how this works?)

  • Week 1: 22-19 (53.7%)
    Week 2: 22-23 (48.9%)
    Week 3: 24-23 (51.1%)
    Week 4: 30-19 (61.2%)
    Week 5: 21-29-1 (42.2%)
    Week 6: 26-27-1 (49.1%)
    Week 7: 34-20 (62.9%)
    Week 8: 32-24 (57.1%)
  • Total: 211-184-2 (53.4%)
Day Time TV Away Home Winner Spread Pick
Tuesday 8:00pm ESPN2 Arkansas St. UL-Lafayette ULL by 13.3 -4.0 ULL
Day Time TV Away Home Winner Spread Pick
Thursday 7:30pm ESPN Clemson Wake Forest Clemson by 10 11.5 Wake Forest
Day Time TV Away Home Winner Spread Pick
Friday 8:00pm ESPN Cincinnati Louisville Louisville by 2.3 -3.0 Cincinnati (TIE)
Friday 8:00pm CBS Sports Nevada Air Force Nevada by 7 3.5 Nevada
Day Time TV Away Home Winner Spread Pick
Saturday 12:00pm ESPNU Kentucky Missouri Missouri by 14.5 -13.5 Missouri
Saturday 12:00pm ESPN2 Iowa Northwestern NW'ern by 4 -6.0 Iowa
Saturday 12:00pm Big East Temple Pittsburgh Pittsburgh by 8.3 -6.5 Pittsburgh
Saturday 12:00pm CBS Sports Ball St. Army Ball St. by 11.3 4.0 Ball St.
Saturday 12:00pm BTN Indiana Illinois Indiana by 10.6 -2.0 Indiana
Saturday 12:00pm FSN Texas Kansas Texas by 23.6 21.0 Texas
Saturday 12:00pm ESPN Tennessee S. Carolina S.C. by 5.9 -13.5 Tennessee
Saturday 12:00pm ESPN3 N. Illinois W. Michigan N. Illinois by 10.4 7.0 N. Illinois
Saturday 12:21pm SEC Ole Miss Arkansas Arkansas by 5.6 -6.0 Ole Miss
Saturday 12:30pm ESPN3 N.C. St. N. Carolina UNC by 5.6 -7.5 N.C. St.
Saturday 1:00pm ESPN3 Maryland B.C. Maryland by 7.1 -1.5 Maryland
Saturday 1:00pm CSS Southern Miss Rice Rice by 8 -2.5 Rice
Saturday 2:00pm ESPN3 Utah St. UTSA Utah St. by 30.2 23.0 Utah St.
Saturday 3:00pm FX UCLA Arizona St. Arizona St. by 2.9 -6.5 UCLA
Saturday 3:00pm ESPN3 BYU Ga. Tech BYU by 6.1 -2.5 BYU
Saturday 3:00pm Pac-12 Colorado Oregon Oregon by 56.6 -45.5 Oregon
Saturday 3:00pm Memphis SMU SMU by 13.4 -21.0 Memphis
Saturday 3:30pm ABC/ESPN2 USC Arizona Arizona by 6.1 6.5 Arizona
Saturday 3:30pm ESPNU Duke Florida St. Florida St. by 25.7 -27.0 Duke
Saturday 3:30pm CBS Florida Georgia Florida by 16.9 7.0 Florida
Saturday 3:30pm BTN Purdue Minnesota Purdue by 0.3 3.5 Minnesota
Saturday 3:30pm FCSA Navy E. Carolina Navy by 0.4 -3.5 Navy
Saturday 3:30pm ESPN3 Kent St. Rutgers Rutgers by 14.5 -13.5 Rutgers
Saturday 3:30pm CSCA Fresno St. New Mexico Fresno St. by 18.4 14.0 Fresno St.
Saturday 3:30pm ESPN3 E. Michigan BGSU BGSU by 8.6 -14.5 EMU
Saturday 3:30pm ESPN3 Ohio Miami-OH Ohio by 14.4 7.0 Ohio
Saturday 3:30pm FSN TCU Oklahoma St. OSU by 8.4 -7.0 OSU
Saturday 3:30pm ABC/ESPN2 Michigan St. Wisconsin Wisconsin by 2.1 -6.0 MSU
Saturday 3:30pm Toledo Buffalo Toledo by 18.4 7.5 Toledo
Saturday 3:30pm Akron C. Michigan CMU by 5.2 -6.5 Akron
Saturday 3:30pm Fox Texas Tech Kansas St. KSU by 12 -7.0 KSU
Saturday 3:30pm ESPN3 N. Texas MTSU MTSU by 10.5 -3.0 MTSU
Saturday 3:30pm UAB Tulane UAB by 9.4 3.0 UAB
Saturday 3:30pm CBS Sports Boise St. Wyoming Boise St. by 18.3 16.5 Boise St.
Saturday 4:00pm Texas St. San Jose St. SJSU by 18.5 -20.5 Texas St.
Saturday 4:30pm CSS UTEP Houston Houston by 12.3 -13.0 UTEP
Saturday 5:00pm Troy Florida Atlantic Troy by 12.6 7.5 Troy
Saturday 5:30pm ESPN Ohio St. Penn St. Ohio St. by 1.1 -2.0 Ohio St.
Saturday 6:00pm ESPN3 W. Kentucky FIU WKU by 6.1 7.0 FIU
Saturday 6:15pm Pac-12 Wash. St. Stanford Stanford by 31.8 -24.5 Stanford
Saturday 7:00pm ESPNU Texas A&M Auburn A&M by 17.6 14.5 A&M
Saturday 7:00pm Hawaii Colorado St. Colorado St. by 5.8 -7.0 Hawaii
Saturday 7:00pm ESPN3 Syracuse USF USF by 1.9 -2.5 Syracuse
Saturday 7:00pm FSN Baylor Iowa St. Iowa St. by 11.6 -3.0 Iowa St.
Saturday 7:00pm ESPN3 UMass Vanderbilt Vandy by 22.3 -32.5 UMass
Saturday 7:00pm ESPN3 S. Alabama UL-Monroe ULM by 21.8 -24.0 USA
Saturday 8:00pm UNLV San Diego St. SDSU by 13.1 -18.0 UNLV
Saturday 8:00pm ESPN2 Michigan Nebraska Michigan by 2.2 -2.5 Michigan
Saturday 8:00pm ESPN3 La. Tech NMSU La. Tech by 27.6 30.5 NMSU
Saturday 8:00pm ABC Notre Dame Oklahoma Oklahoma by 11.8 -11.0 Oklahoma
Saturday 8:00pm CBS Sports UCF Marshall UCF by 2.8 2.5 UCF
Saturday 8:30pm ESPN Miss. St. Alabama Alabama by 37.1 -24.0 Alabama
Saturday 9:45pm Pac-12 California Utah California by 6.1 -1.0 California
Saturday 10:15pm Pac-12 Oregon St. Washington Oregon St. by 12.9 4.0 Oregon St.

Looks like 32-25-1 (56%) for the week.