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Football Study Hall Reading Room

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Football Study Hall Reading Room.
Football Study Hall Reading Room.

With the conclusion of the BCS National Championship Game the 2011 college football season has ended and the long dreary haul through the off-season has arrived. Sure there's National Signing Day and the NFL Draft to hold us over till Spring practice but that's about it until the pads are donned again next August.

To survive, we'll get by on the Fulmer Cup and the prognostications over the 2012 season that will begin in earnest mid-summer when the season preview magazines arrive but that's thin gruel after four months of actual on-the-field gridiron action. Yet the long interim is an opportunity to delve a little deeper into this glorious sport we all love and Football Study Hall is ready to help with that.

For the past two years over at Roll Bama Roll we've featured a weekly book review during the off season. There are a lot of books out there about Alabama football and the level of quality can vary pretty wildly. The idea behind the RBR Reading Room is to give folks an idea of if a given tome might be of a persons particular interest or not.

Starting next week, we'll launch a similar series here at Football Study Hall. Each and every Thursday morning we'll be providing articles about books covering all of College Football and, on occasion, using them to touch on specific issues they might address about the sport. Some of these will be recent releases, others will be long out-of-print. All of them will worth at least knowing about if you have an interest in the sport.

Bill and I have put together a working list of books that we'll be looking at but if there is one you might find of interest, please let us know about in the comments.