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2012 College Football Season

The Effects of the New NCAA Kickoff Rule

Taking at look at how the new rules for kickoffs affected college football in 2012.

Let's talk about pace

Adjusting for run-pass rates, which teams were the fastest (and slowest) in the country last year?

Does big blitzing matter?

We take a look at charting data to decide if big blitzing matters in the long run.


The charting project continues with a look at fourth-down passing.

The effect of pressure

What happens when a defense brings five pass rushers? Six?


A follow-up to last week's piece on quarterbacks and completion percentages.

Big plays: A follow-up

A follow-up on the 114 big plays charted that did not finish in the end zone.

Adjusting completion percentages

Where Collin Klein is underrated again and Matt Barkley is still overrated.

Leach v. Holgorsen: A look back

We thought we had charting gold on our hands.

Anatomy of a big play

How the perfect play call, perfect execution, or both, can break a big play and potentially change a game.

College football's curveball

College football coaches lean on the no-back on third-and-6, but nobody makes it the focal point of their offense.

2005-12 Targets and catches

In which Harry Douglas finally gets his due and Marqise Lee's standout season stands out even further.

2012 Bowl Picks

From Nevada-Arizona to Notre Dame-Alabama.

UCLA's adjustments fall just short

While UCLA made adjustments in the Pac-12 title game, Stanford’s will was still too much.

F/+ Picks, Week 14

Championship Week commences!

Can UCLA rewrite the ending?

While the odds are against UCLA, if college football has taught us anything this year, it’s that you never really know what you’re going to get from week to week. Hopefully this sequel proves more entertaining than the unimaginative original.

Week 13 box scores

Box scores and play-by-plays from Week 13 of the college football season.

Tavon Austin as Reggie Bush

How good would Bush have been in a spread offense?

F/+ Picks, Week 13

Another good streak begins?

Stanford takes Oregon out of its comfort zone

Finally able to get the Oregon offense out of its comfort zone, Stanford flipped the Pac-12 conference on its head as we enter into the homestretch.

Week 12 box scores

Box scores and play-by-plays from Week 12 of the college football season. You are so fantastically insane, college football.

TOs to TDs: The Oregon Way

In last week’s 59-17 victory over Cal, Oregon continued a season-long trend of turning opponent’s turnovers into quick points.

The most balanced squad in the nation

While it is easy to give all the credit for their 10-0 start to their Heisman front-runner quarterback, the Kansas State Wildcats should be praised as the most-balanced team in the country.

Week 11 box scores

Well, that certainly changes everything, doesn't it...

The Play of the Week

The TCU Horned Frogs opted to go for two and attempt to win the game on the road rather than let the game play out in a third overtime.

F/+ Picks, Week 11

Here's to a rebound.

The Key Drive: LSU-Alabama

As good a two-minute drill as you will see this season.

Leach V. Holgorsen: The Final Edition

How dedicated have opponents been to the four-man rush against West Virginia? During regulation time this past Saturday, the Horned Frogs brought more than four pass rushers just one single time.

Week 10 box scores

Box scores and play-by-play from Week 12 of the 2012 college football season.

The Numerical: Bonus Footage

Were you thinking to yourself, "I'd like 50% more Numerical this week!"? Then you're in luck!

Week 9 Box Scores

Box scores and play-by-plays from an exciting, surprising Week 9.

Collin Klein will stress you out

Between some strong play-calling and Collin Klein's ability to both run and read defenses, Kansas State puts extreme pressure on the defenses it faces.