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Varsity Numbers: Everything Old Is New Again

This week's Varsity Numbers takes a look at some historical matchups and an announcement:

We begin with a happy announcement. On September 19, I will begin work as College Sports Editor and Sports Analytics Director for SB Nation. Among other things, I will be providing a couple of weekly columns and daily college football analysis, and I couldn't be more excited. I will be continuing to write my Friday Varsity Numbers column, although I'll be leaving Seventh Day Adventure to Robert Weintraub and Brian Fremeau. I'll also continue to contribute each year to the college section of Football Outsiders Almanac.

I began writing at Football Outsiders three years ago, and I cannot thank Aaron Schatz enough for bringing me aboard. FO has been a farm system of sorts for writing talent, and it is humbling to be a part of it in someway. Thank you to Aaron, Brian, and everybody else for their willing collaboration, and thank you to Varsity Numbers readers for the feedback and, at times, needed criticism. Whatever advancement I have achieved, it wouldn't have been possible without Aaron and the FO community.

For years I have been complaining about all the things I wanted to do if I had the time and opportunity; now I've got it. Let's see what happens.